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Wednesday, April 14, 2004
Soon enough, site will be updated. Its going to be dynamic and have a search engine in it. I have first graduate. I will then be able to do what I want to with it. With TB's help this site will be better than ever.
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
An e-mail that I thought that I would never write:

I am so extremely behind in my school work, that I will be unable to process any new network jobs until after may 10th. I will then be back to normal. I was trying to juggle both at the same time, but my customer service has dropped far below my normal expectations. I have been unable to respond back in a timely, this is also why you have not seen me in the office for a long time. My current customers that have managed to lose my phone numbers can still contact me, I would prefer they call my cell phone because it has an adjusted greeting letting them know that I am far behind in school work and such. I will be back and operational on May 10th, so those of you picking up my slack donít get comfortable, I will be back. I just feel that it is not fair to the customers to have to be stuck in limbo while I get all my work done. I am sure someone will need the extra money for the time being. Thanks to all of you that gave me referrals, I really appreciate it very much. You guys really helped me out and I met a lot of nice people because of your help.

Thanks everyone,

Shaun Oberlin D.B.A. Oberlinx

P.S. I will be back up and running soon enough.

I am so upset right now that, I am falling to a further slump of depression. Soon I will be going to a shrink talking of my childhood and be put away for life because of my youthful desgressions....Laterz

Friday, March 05, 2004
Ok, my xanga account is down, so I must vent here. First off, I would like to say thanks for the people that still come to the website. TB has agreed to update the pages and questions. Now its time for me to go off on a major tangent. First off, the system at work today is up and down, up and down, it makes it hard to be customer service when you cannot look up accounts and payment informaiton. I am upset today, because things have been going down hill all day long.

RANT: Marriage, its not a fad, its not sometime to do because your friends are doing it, it a decision that you want to make that alters your life forever. Its not something that should be taken lightly and its not something that you just decide to do one day and then later on say I am out. That may be what society has become, but that is not my ideal view of marriage. For me to get married, I want the following:
A devoted female that I can trust, a female that is willing to listen to me and understand, a female that will not sit whine and cry until they get what they want.
Have I found what I want, well, at first I thought I had when I met lauren. She was great, she loved to have fun, she seemed interested in me, which was a good change. She always wanted to be near me and everything appeared all and well. Then a few days past and I started to find out things, She has been with an insane amount of guys, never paid any of her bills, and she manages to get kicked out of her house within the first few days of dating her. So what am I supposed to do, let her live on her own? Since I have a stable family, stable lifestyle, and my parents have a nice open mind and refuse to let anyone go homeless. They let her move into her own room at the house. So within the first few weeks, I have all this happen to me.
All this happened over the summer, Jen left because she wanted to pursue her career in education and did not feel that we could make it any longer. Jen and I had a very meaningful relationship, problem was it was based on convience. We only saw each other once or twice a week because of our life styles. I run oberlinx, go to work for "the company", and go to school full time. Seeing how jen was my first true love, we had a wonderful bond, I was and still able to talk to her when I am feelign lonely or upset, she tries to tell me that it will be ok. I was ready to get married to jen, but realized that it would not have worked because we are both too career oreniated. She wanted to go play in academia and I wanted a person that would be willing to stay home, once I was fully employed.
Now lets get back to the summer time, I basically was talking to lauren for a long time, she was my best friends first girl friend, they broke up because she decided to cheat on him. That was a very long time ago, we are talking 6-7 years ago. So I thought that she may have changed, I kept talking to her over the years. Then she had some more problems come up, of course all her problems come from her making them in first place. After she got kicked out she came to chill with us, after I had only been dating her for 3 days. Then I find out more stuff with her bills that she has not paid, a court problem, and an insurance company suing her. All this time, I have been by her side trying to find ways to help her deal with her life and the problems that she has created.
Meanwhile, I am running my business, going to school and work. As if I did not have enough on my mind from graduating. See, since most of you dont know me, I will try to layout my personality, I pay all my bills in advance, never miss payment, strong family realtionship, and I love to get a laugh out of people. To be seeing a girl that is so opposite of me was weird for everyone, but she was so nice and liked me for who I am. She has been with me for everday for the last 8 months.
I have tried to get her to change and show her that, she may have put her self in the hole, she can get out. Told her to talk to people and make payment arrangements, she has been holding two jobs now and making very good progress. She has made very positive improvements, but then as time moved on she watched as some of her friends, and the people that I work with got married. She then starts thinking that she too can get married. The problem is that I want to have a nice life, I save up money for anything that I want including marriage. I have not got my own car yet, and she would like me to spend a good amount of money on a ring so that she can get engaged. I have over 16,000 dollars worth of student debt, I will be buying a 20k dollar car/suv, and she wants me to move out, get a house, and start a life. She does not have any realistic approach. Before I step into that part of my life, I would like to pay off my student loans, get used to have having a car payment, then maybe move out and get used to be out on my own. The fact is she thinks that we can make it, the truth of the matter is that it is not finaiclaly possible to do that. I have to clear my bills off enough, so that I can afford to move out. But I have to save up money to put a down payment on a house. Her credit rating is not something banks are willing to jump at, so I will have to be able to get a house on my own.
The truth of the matter is not a question, whether I love her or not, the question is why she is so eager to get married. I have too much debt right now to be thinking about a marriage, I have too much on my mind to be thinking about marriage, there is no stable ground to stand on. Then she has the nerve to the reason that I do not want to get married is because I dont love her. It is because I love her that I do not want to get married yet, cause I do not want to cause her anymore grief. There are too many unknowns in the future, and I am not ready.
So, I guess, lauren is going to leave me cause I want to protect her from hurting her more. That is fine, but I refuse to get strong armed into a marriage that is not going to be finaically possible for a very long time. Well, so. I have made my case. Through all of this I have been understanding, caring, and willing to make a lot of changes in my life. She is not willing to wait on marriage than so be it, I am not going to fight it. I am going to move on with my life. She is trying hard and her effort is there, but I am not ready for marriage and I am not going to get engaged until I am mentally and fincially ready.

My question to all of you out there, would you get married if you were in my situation? Just coming out of college, with student loans, a new car coming, and never been out on your own? With so many unknowns that you could be making the most uninformed decsion that could alter the rest of your life. Thats what I thought.

Thursday, March 04, 2004
Wow, I have really missed out on the blogger train. Apparently. I have nothing much to say except I have a lot of work and no one is updating anymore. I need to find me some peoples to help update. Cause no one can do it anymore they are too busy :( I cant do it cause I am too busy too. If ya want to help update send me an e-mail. I have 300 e-mails or so that need to be sorted through. Maybe I should find TB and see if he wants to update. I think I may do that.
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Well, let me say, that the heat has been turned up in school. 15% of my mangement project is due next thrusday. You may not think that is very much, but what we get on this decides how we proceed to the rest of the grade. The idea behind mangement project is that, a team will produce some kind of web portal that will help the client get what they want done. The profs will not help in any way, they will in fact forward questions to the client and then respond back to us with the answer. So turn around is that good. The 15% that is due is the project plan. We line out what we are supposed to do and how we are going to do it. I have been placed in charge with "Web development", so basically all the design work, functionality rides on my shoulders. Good thing we have a graphic design work is not in my hands. I have a bunch of papers due in "africa" which will be put off to the last min just like "Latin America". I mean honestly do they believe that I will write a paper a week, can we say "lauren" :) hahaha, joking honey. Here is the scoop on how I went car shopping and narrowed it down. You may find it funny, or weird.

1. Looked online, built some at the respective web sites.
2. Test drove
3. Looked up consumer reports, read saftey reports, look at ebay for older models selling prices (depreciation values), kbb.com.
4. After sifting through pages and pages of stuff, I ranked them.
5. Unfortunately, where one failed, the others did well in.
So it made it difficult to choose. Here is how they ranked:

Test Drive Depreciation values Fun Factor Consumer Reports:
1.5 Ford Escape "limited" AWD 1. Toyota Rav4 1. Ford Escape 1. Toyota Rav4
1.5 Saturn Vue AWD v6 2. Saturn Vue 2.5 Saturn Vue 2. Ford Escape
3. Toyota rav4 AWD 3. Ford Escape 2.5 Toyota Rav4 3. Saturn Vue

So after this small little table( which is incomplete because I have to put in other rankings such as MPG, Lauren's feelings, Friends feelings, Fatherly figure feelings, price). I so far have a 2 way tie (satistically speaking) between the Ford and the Rav4. There is more to come :) I will have my final spreadsheet converted to HTML, so that all can see how I make a 5 year commetment to a SUV/car. Laterz
Thursday, February 05, 2004
Everyone misses me, I pickup and xanga account, but have not had time to change it round to suit my needs. But I feel that I will keep 2 blogs. One that will matain my SQA type, the other for people that know me and work with me. You know who you are! I am sitting in the Business College right now, wondering what my wonderful co-workers are getting into. I have started the following things:

1. Job searching
2. Car/Suv searching
3. Life Reorganizing

After talking to my dad, he wishes me not to buy a new car, but a used one. He feels that it will put too much of strain on me. I feel that a properly investigated, can yield a better result. He is afraid that a mistake will be made and it will send me to down the tunnel of bankruptcy. I have driven a Rav4 'L' 4x4, Ford Escape 'Limited' 4x4, Jeep Wrangler 'X' 4x4, Corolla 'S'.

Here is what I have to conclude about car shopping, its all based on your opinion. No one really can help you. Because everyone's past experience presents their prejucies against the manufactures of the autos. For example, we have my experience with the my toyota Corolla. It has lasted over 187,000 miles, never had a problem, runs like a champ. So naturally I go right over to my local dealer and check out the new ones. Had a great ride and everything, but I realized that I had grown out of the corolla because I need more than a just point A to point B car. To make matters worse, I refuse to ever buy a car off my local dealer. They are the worse in customer service that I have ever witnessed, because they are also a BMW dealer and dont care about the toyota side. Anyone in the ohio area knows exactly who I am talking about. I have had 15 experiences with them thoughout my life and 13 were bad. The most recent ones have been a whole lot better. So if I choose to buy a toyota, I will have to go to cleveland or new philli or akron. Then there is a problem of doing a lot of work for a Ford dealership. I feel that I would rather give them the money, than anyone else. So I have to keep an open mind. My dad likes his ford, but loves the toyota just the same.

It just seems that whatever you experienced in your past distorts you precieved value of your next car. The chance that a ford will be bad because that is what you have heard, does not mean that all fords are bad or the one that you are going to buy. So the job of the customer is sift through all the B.S. and figure out if the car will suit their needs. Both drove really nice, MPG was better on the Rav4 but Acceleration was much better on the Ford. Of course it was a V6 vs 4 cyclinder. Preformance over maintainence, price over depreciation value, these all need to be taken into account when purchasing a car. I spent well over 10-12 hours investigating differnet types of transportation. I have 100s of printouts of consumer reports, reviews, brochures of all the types. But I am done writing from now, I will have more later. Laterz
Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Ah, it sucks. Groups were placed together, I have strong feelings that we are going to pretty good. We have a couple of good researchers, some descent MIS people, and unknown person (his grandpa died yesterday, so he did not come to class) which happens to be the group leader. I was nominated group leader number 2, I then quickly help share the responsibities through out the group and it seemed to go quite well. I have a group meeting tommrow night, and we are to discuss some management stuff and talk of the project. We must compelete it by tuesday, so far I have great confidence that we are going to do ok. The project is going to be tough, I am just hoping that the B*tch work in other classes is not going to take my focus of my capstone course. I am afraid of this class, I think I may be calling in some favors from all the people that I know. Soooo, if your reading this bili and DJ, I may call upon you for some help. I have never really truely feared a class, but this one has me shaking, and I must admit that I am quite scared of it. I was shaken by my QBA I and II class, but this has me totally rattled. My business has started to pick up this year, which is not good because I need some free time to get school under control. Well, I am going to go to bed and start reading about africa. Laterz.

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