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Wednesday, February 11, 2004
Well, let me say, that the heat has been turned up in school. 15% of my mangement project is due next thrusday. You may not think that is very much, but what we get on this decides how we proceed to the rest of the grade. The idea behind mangement project is that, a team will produce some kind of web portal that will help the client get what they want done. The profs will not help in any way, they will in fact forward questions to the client and then respond back to us with the answer. So turn around is that good. The 15% that is due is the project plan. We line out what we are supposed to do and how we are going to do it. I have been placed in charge with "Web development", so basically all the design work, functionality rides on my shoulders. Good thing we have a graphic design work is not in my hands. I have a bunch of papers due in "africa" which will be put off to the last min just like "Latin America". I mean honestly do they believe that I will write a paper a week, can we say "lauren" :) hahaha, joking honey. Here is the scoop on how I went car shopping and narrowed it down. You may find it funny, or weird.

1. Looked online, built some at the respective web sites.
2. Test drove
3. Looked up consumer reports, read saftey reports, look at ebay for older models selling prices (depreciation values), kbb.com.
4. After sifting through pages and pages of stuff, I ranked them.
5. Unfortunately, where one failed, the others did well in.
So it made it difficult to choose. Here is how they ranked:

Test Drive Depreciation values Fun Factor Consumer Reports:
1.5 Ford Escape "limited" AWD 1. Toyota Rav4 1. Ford Escape 1. Toyota Rav4
1.5 Saturn Vue AWD v6 2. Saturn Vue 2.5 Saturn Vue 2. Ford Escape
3. Toyota rav4 AWD 3. Ford Escape 2.5 Toyota Rav4 3. Saturn Vue

So after this small little table( which is incomplete because I have to put in other rankings such as MPG, Lauren's feelings, Friends feelings, Fatherly figure feelings, price). I so far have a 2 way tie (satistically speaking) between the Ford and the Rav4. There is more to come :) I will have my final spreadsheet converted to HTML, so that all can see how I make a 5 year commetment to a SUV/car. Laterz

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