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First and foremost we have the one who started it all...the master of calling people up and saying...why the hell did you get rid of the Noid?!?   

 Here he is...the one the people at GM and other companies will probably learn to hate very quickly...Shaun *cheers*. 

 The picture on the side is him hard at work and pondering what hell to unleash upon some unsuspecting company.  He is pretty much the entire voice of the website and probably came up with most of the questions (we think that he didn't but he just said he did and we couldn't disagree...wasn't any point I guess hehe). Shaun's Link Page Thumbnail Page Shaun's Resume


Wednesday, March 10, 2004
An e-mail that I thought that I would never write:

I am so extremely behind in my school work, that I will be unable to process any new network jobs until after may 10th. I will then be back to normal. I was trying to juggle both at the same time, but my customer service has dropped far below my normal expectations. I have been unable to respond back in a timely, this is also why you have not seen me in the office for a long time. My current customers that have managed to lose my phone numbers can still contact me, I would prefer they call my cell phone because it has an adjusted greeting letting them know that I am far behind in school work and such. I will be back and operational on May 10th, so those of you picking up my slack donít get comfortable, I will be back. I just feel that it is not fair to the customers to have to be stuck in limbo while I get all my work done. I am sure someone will need the extra money for the time being. Thanks to all of you that gave me referrals, I really appreciate it very much. You guys really helped me out and I met a lot of nice people because of your help.

Thanks everyone,

Shaun Oberlin D.B.A. Oberlinx

P.S. I will be back up and running soon enough.

I am so upset right now that, I am falling to a further slump of depression. Soon I will be going to a shrink talking of my childhood and be put away for life because of my youthful desgressions....Laterz

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