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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
Ah, it sucks. Groups were placed together, I have strong feelings that we are going to pretty good. We have a couple of good researchers, some descent MIS people, and unknown person (his grandpa died yesterday, so he did not come to class) which happens to be the group leader. I was nominated group leader number 2, I then quickly help share the responsibities through out the group and it seemed to go quite well. I have a group meeting tommrow night, and we are to discuss some management stuff and talk of the project. We must compelete it by tuesday, so far I have great confidence that we are going to do ok. The project is going to be tough, I am just hoping that the B*tch work in other classes is not going to take my focus of my capstone course. I am afraid of this class, I think I may be calling in some favors from all the people that I know. Soooo, if your reading this bili and DJ, I may call upon you for some help. I have never really truely feared a class, but this one has me shaking, and I must admit that I am quite scared of it. I was shaken by my QBA I and II class, but this has me totally rattled. My business has started to pick up this year, which is not good because I need some free time to get school under control. Well, I am going to go to bed and start reading about africa. Laterz.

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