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Thursday, February 05, 2004
Everyone misses me, I pickup and xanga account, but have not had time to change it round to suit my needs. But I feel that I will keep 2 blogs. One that will matain my SQA type, the other for people that know me and work with me. You know who you are! I am sitting in the Business College right now, wondering what my wonderful co-workers are getting into. I have started the following things:

1. Job searching
2. Car/Suv searching
3. Life Reorganizing

After talking to my dad, he wishes me not to buy a new car, but a used one. He feels that it will put too much of strain on me. I feel that a properly investigated, can yield a better result. He is afraid that a mistake will be made and it will send me to down the tunnel of bankruptcy. I have driven a Rav4 'L' 4x4, Ford Escape 'Limited' 4x4, Jeep Wrangler 'X' 4x4, Corolla 'S'.

Here is what I have to conclude about car shopping, its all based on your opinion. No one really can help you. Because everyone's past experience presents their prejucies against the manufactures of the autos. For example, we have my experience with the my toyota Corolla. It has lasted over 187,000 miles, never had a problem, runs like a champ. So naturally I go right over to my local dealer and check out the new ones. Had a great ride and everything, but I realized that I had grown out of the corolla because I need more than a just point A to point B car. To make matters worse, I refuse to ever buy a car off my local dealer. They are the worse in customer service that I have ever witnessed, because they are also a BMW dealer and dont care about the toyota side. Anyone in the ohio area knows exactly who I am talking about. I have had 15 experiences with them thoughout my life and 13 were bad. The most recent ones have been a whole lot better. So if I choose to buy a toyota, I will have to go to cleveland or new philli or akron. Then there is a problem of doing a lot of work for a Ford dealership. I feel that I would rather give them the money, than anyone else. So I have to keep an open mind. My dad likes his ford, but loves the toyota just the same.

It just seems that whatever you experienced in your past distorts you precieved value of your next car. The chance that a ford will be bad because that is what you have heard, does not mean that all fords are bad or the one that you are going to buy. So the job of the customer is sift through all the B.S. and figure out if the car will suit their needs. Both drove really nice, MPG was better on the Rav4 but Acceleration was much better on the Ford. Of course it was a V6 vs 4 cyclinder. Preformance over maintainence, price over depreciation value, these all need to be taken into account when purchasing a car. I spent well over 10-12 hours investigating differnet types of transportation. I have 100s of printouts of consumer reports, reviews, brochures of all the types. But I am done writing from now, I will have more later. Laterz

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