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Fun, light and G-rated pages from Dan's family tree, sailing the Great lakes in old Cal Yachts, burning Ohio firewood, herbal cures, my humble opinions on several '70s Great Lakes sailboats, and muzzle loading ballistic charts .

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Our home page.

Cal Yachts
One of my favorite sailboats. I've owned a Cal 2-27 for over 20 years. I've owned larger, newer boats but the cal 27 remains my favorite sailboats for the Great Lakes especially Lake Erie.

fun sailboats
My humble opinion on several older sailboats that were popular on the Great Lakes during the '70s

Firewood facts
Interesting information on burning firewood as a home heating aid.

Our wood stove
We've backed up our home's heating furnace with a firewood woodstove for over 40 years.

Herbal cures
Our ancestors used many different items to cure their ills. Hundreds of these items, or herbs, as people called them were developed into the medicines that we use today. Note: For information only. We do not sell or promote herbs here.

Muzzle Loading
Muzzle loading ballistic tables from my son and my experiences with Ohio muzzle loading deer hunting.

my Family History
This web page contains a complete Dalrymple family line from Andrew Dalrymple, born in Scotland about 1682, all the way down to my grandson, Brian.

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our Hotblast 1500 wood/coal add-on furnace.

The 1500 add on furnace is designed to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC ductwork and work seamlessly with your existing furnace. With twin 550 CFM blowers and up to 139,000 BTU’s it is designed to heat a home up to 2500 square feet.

I enjoy this furnace and burn firewood only. Coal is too expensive for my use. Also I like the smell of firewood burning but don't care for the smell of burning coal. These are great add-on wood or coal furnaces. They can be purchased at most farm supply or hardware stores that sell wood stoves.

~The two silver ducts on top are both warm air heat runs. They tie into your present home hot air heating system. The flue exits in the rear of this stove, it's not visible in this photo.

~The black box at the rear houses two 550 cubic feet per minute blowers.

~Made of steel with heavy-duty cast-iron doors, grates and liners.

~Burns logs up to 26 inches long, or up to 70 lb. of coal for impressive heat.

~Generates up to 139,000 BTU per hour for steady, reliable heat.

~Separate ash door with removable dump pan for convenient cleaning.

~Lined with firebricks to provide 65% heat retention.

~Designed with removable and replaceable shaker grate.

~Vented design ensures safe removal of impurities to keep the air inside your home clean.

~Connects to your existing HVAC ductwork and works seamlessly with your existing furnace.