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Fun, light and G-rated pages from Dan's family tree, sailing the Great lakes in old Cal Yachts, burning Ohio firewood, herbal cures, my humble opinions on several '70s Great Lakes sailboats, and muzzle loading ballistic charts .

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Our home page.

Cal Yachts
One of my favorite sailboats. I've owned a Cal 2-27 for over 20 years. I've owned larger, newer boats but the cal 27 remains my favorite sailboats for the Great Lakes especially Lake Erie.

fun sailboats
My humble opinion on several older sailboats that were popular on the Great Lakes during the '70s

Firewood facts
Interesting information on burning firewood as a home heating aid.

Our wood stove
We've backed up our home's heating furnace with a firewood woodstove for over 40 years.

Herbal cures
Our ancestors used many different items to cure their ills. Hundreds of these items, or herbs, as people called them were developed into the medicines that we use today. Note: For information only. We do not sell or promote herbs here.

Muzzle Loading
Muzzle loading ballistic tables from my son and my experiences with Ohio muzzle loading deer hunting.

my Family History
This web page contains a complete Dalrymple family line from Andrew Dalrymple, born in Scotland about 1682, all the way down to my grandson, Brian.

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GUIDELINES: FOODS T0 USE, good foods (these foods usually taste bad.)

MEATS, FISH: Choose lean meats (chicken, turkey, veal, and nonfatty cuts of beef with excess fat trimmed, one serving = 3 oz of cooked meat). Also, f.resh or frozen fish, canned fish packed in water, and shellfish (lobster, crabs, shrimp, oysters). L.imit use to no more than one serving of one of these per week. Shellfish are high in cholesterol but low in saturated fat and should be used sparingly. Meats and fish should be broiled (pan or oven) or baked on a rack.

EGGS: Egg substitutes and egg whites (use whites freely). Egg yolks (limit. two per week).

FRUITS: Eat three servings of fresh fruit per day (1 serving = % cup). Be sure to have at least one citrus fruit daily. Frozen or canned fruit with no sugar or syrup added may be used.

VEGETABLES: Most vegetables are not limited (see reverse side). One dark-green (string beans, escarole) or one deep-yellow (squash) vegetable is recommended daily. Cauliflower, Broccoli, and celery, as well as potato skins, are recommended for their fiber content. (Fiber is associated with cholesterol reduction.) It is preferable to steam vegetables, but they may be boiled, strained, or braised with polyunsaturated vegetable oil (see below).

BEANS: Dried peas or beans (1 serving = 1/2 cup) may be used as a bread substitute.

NUTS: Almonds, walnuts, and peanuts may be used sparingly (1 serving = 1 tablespoonful). Use pumpkin, sesame, or sunflower seeds.

BREADS, GRAINS: One roll or one slice of whole-grain or enriched bread may be used, or three soda crackers or four pieces of melba toast as a substit.ute Spaghetti, rice, or noodles (1/2 cup) or 1/2 large ear of corn may be used as a bread substitute. In preparing these foods, do not use butter or shortening, use soft margarine Also use egg and sugar substitutes. Choose high-fiber grains, such as oats and whole wheat.

CEREALS: Use 1/2 cup of hot cereal or 3/4 cup of cold cereal per day. Add a sugar substitute if desired, with 99% fat-free or skim milk.

MILK PRODUCTS: Always use 99% fat-free or skim milk, dairy products such as low-fat cheeses (farmer's, uncreamed diet cottage), low-fat yogurt, and powdered skim milk.

FATS, OILS: Use soft (not stick) margarine, vegetable oils that are high in polyunsaturated fats (such as safflower, sunflower, soybean, corn, and cottonseed). Always refrigerate meat drippings to harden the fat and remove it before preparing gravies.

DESSERTS, SNACKS: Limit to two servings per day, substitute each serving for a bread/cereal serving: ice milk, water sherbet (1/4 cup) unflavored gelatin or gelatin flavored with sugar substitute (1/3 cup), pudding prepared with skim milk (1/2 cup), egg white souffles, unbuttered popcorn (1 1/2 cups). Substitute carob for chocolate

BEVERAGES: Fresh fniit juices (limit 4 oz per day), black coffee, plain or herbal teas, soft drinks with sugar substitiites, club soda, preferably salt-free, cocoa made with skim milk or nonfat dried milk and water (sugar substitute added if desired), clear broth. Alcohol: limit two servings per day (see reverse side).

MISCELLANEOUS: You may use the following freely: vinegar, spices, herbs, nonfat bouillon, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, flavoring essence.

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