Camp Wanake: A Beautiful Spiritual Place Among the Hills

The Wanake Song

download: The Wanake Song mp3 (526 KB)

We're camping at Wanake
We're campers brave and true
Recreation, fellowship, and worship all day through
Oh yes, we're enjoying every moment
Up among the wooded hills
For we are camping at Wanake.


The Wanake Almamater
This was sung by the alumni reunion camp in 2006. Paul Frees, wrote this piece way back in the early 1950's in those early birthing days of Wanake.

download: The Wanake Almamater mp3 (859 KB)


Night Hike Owl Sounds
Have you ever taken a night hike when the leader played the owl tape (yes we used to use a cassette player back in the day)? Sometimes the owl would answer and sometimes not, but I always enjoyed the attempt. The screech owl would be played first since the barred owl would scare away the screech owl. I once had a screech owl answer and even swoop down! Hopefully this one will bring back memories.

Screech Owl:

Barred Owl:


Wanake Song on bass
Me plucking out the Wanake song on bass guitar.
It's not very good, but it's still the Wanake Song!

download: The Wanake Song on bass mp3 (580 KB)


Sung by campers as found on the Wanake Blog on Typepad