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Now we have the other hellion of immeasurable terror.  He is the one other people call "mini Satan" as he always calls the companies and tortures them if the leader doesn't feel like pushing numbers on the keypad.

  Another interesting point is that he is the other person who started the sitre.  Here he is in his natural environment with a devilish look on his face.  As his minions give him ideas on what horrible plague to unleash on some poor unsuspecting company (really the questions aren't that bad but it just makes us feel good by making them sound like it).  He and one of his friends were the original fiends behind the questions and whatnot but at some point the "Executor" took over and now enslaves us to to his bidding in the unending search for the truth.

Thursday, January 15, 2004
I have neglected blogging for far too long. So here is a blog to get on track. The Holidays were good. Uneventful...but good. I was sick for nearly three weeks. I completely lost my voice and had Bronchitis and the Flu. Needless to say it suckz0red. One of my EX's little brother was recently killed in a car accident. He was only 17 at the time. It really is a shame. I know it is a bit cliched to say, "Oh he was a great kid." But he honest to Gawd was a great kid. It REALLY f*ckin' sucks that people who deserve to die....LIVE.....And people who deserve to live....DIE!!! And everyone wonders why I have no faith? Moving on. We played Musical Cubicles again at "THE COMPANY". I now have Oberlin-X sitting on one side of me and SlaterlinX on the other side....w00t!!! So my new game of the moment is The Sims'. I used to play it at TommyP's house for days at a time. Yes...I was addicted to it like a Whore is addicted to cock. But I decided I could handle The Sims' this time around and have done quite well at not overdosing on it. hehe. Anyway. I have added the majority of my friends to the game and gave them somewhat similar personalities as they have in real life. Here is a great screen shot. What we have going on here is Ol' Dirty is the guy in the wife beater and boxers passed out in my lawn. It is kinda funny because he came over to my house in the game and helped himself to drinks at my bar. He drank so much he passed out in my lawn. Now as you can see while he is passed out...and I am at work...A burglar comes into my crib and snakes my PC. Needless to say Ol' Dirty never did wake up and the thief got away with my stuff. Rawz0r!!! Oh...and that plate on my kitchen table with the flies around it....that's also Ol' Dirty's. He helped himself to my food and didn't bother to clean up after himself. What a lazy Bee-Yatch!!! hehe. OKay...I do not have anything else to say right now....And I really need to go outside in the blizzard and chief down a smoke. Take care everyone until next time.

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