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Now we have the other hellion of immeasurable terror.  He is the one other people call "mini Satan" as he always calls the companies and tortures them if the leader doesn't feel like pushing numbers on the keypad.

  Another interesting point is that he is the other person who started the sitre.  Here he is in his natural environment with a devilish look on his face.  As his minions give him ideas on what horrible plague to unleash on some poor unsuspecting company (really the questions aren't that bad but it just makes us feel good by making them sound like it).  He and one of his friends were the original fiends behind the questions and whatnot but at some point the "Executor" took over and now enslaves us to to his bidding in the unending search for the truth.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
So I bring my "OFFICIAL" Ohio State Helmet into work and place it on my desk....And not 10 minutes go by before it gets snaked and hidden from me. RAWR! Of course I thought it was the obvious culprit in Mikutel....But it turns out Slaterlinx just pulled the ol' Okey-Doke on me and framed my boy Mikutel. ANYWAY....Have I said GO BUCKS!!! lately? I think we will be seeing ALOT of this come Saturday afternoon. Honestly I think if we can get our "O" to score 2 TD's the game is ours. The Buck's defense is just flat out FUNK-NASTY!!!! Chris Perry....Good luck trying to run on them. Woody would be proud of this team. Stout "D" and a vanilla "O". If this was my kid....I would have to be quite the proud parent. hehe...OKay...Enough OSU for now. I beat Call Of Duty last night. I was a bit disappointed in the ending. I mean it was good...Just not quite what I expected. Oh well....What can you do? I guess I will be moving over to the Multi-Player mode now. OKay...I must end this now as people keep calling "THE COMPANY" non-stop and I cannot devote the sufficient attention to blogging that is required. I might be back later today....if not I will write tomorrow.
Monday, November 17, 2003
What be up everybody? I had a pretty uneventful weekend. Against my better judgement I let Oberlin-X borrow my C.O.D. Disks. Maybe this time I will get them back sooner than the 3 years it took to get my WIN98 SE disk back. LOL! Somebody sent me this. I think it explains Mikutel's thought process while drinking QUITE well. hehe. I made my X-Mas Wish List and emailed it off to Satan Claus...errr....I mean Santa Claus. Here is a highlight of some of the things I asked Good Ol' Santa for: 1...2...& 3. Since I am on the topic of X-Mas....What the hell is wrong with poeple? It is not even Thanksgiving...and people are putting their X-Mas lights out. Not only that...Every store has there full X-Mas Display up already. C'Mon now. I love X-Mas as much as the next guy....But this is getting ridiculous!!! So here it is....Ohio State-Michigan Week. I am sure Mikutel will talk mad shit about his wack-ass Wolverines...And I will talk my Buckeye Smack...So be prepared. Here's a neat version of Hail to The Victors: GO STATE.......FUCK MICHIGAN



It's kinda funny....But here is what Buckeye fans will be seeing ALOT of come Saturday.
Thursday, November 13, 2003
Keeping with the theme of tests....Here is another one for everyone to take. Slaterlinx happened to stumble upon it. Unfortunately....It appears I am doomed as I answered honestly and scored a 213. Oh well...Can I really go to Hell...Even if I do not believe in it? hehe. ANYWAY! I watched Malibu's Most Wanted finally last night. It was great....Ranks right up there with Old School. The wind is blowing outside like no freakin' other. I swear a cow flew by me while I was driving to work this morning. You gotta love the ignorance that calls in to talk to me at "THE COMPANY". They will call in and say a tree fell over and took out all their power lines....And yet they still are upset and wanting to know why they have no service. I just want to tell them to go outside and grab that one wire that is sparking...and hopefully that will fix ALL their problems. MUWAHAHAHA!!!!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Could someone please provide me with a Mikuteleese to English Translator so I can read Mikutel's last couple blogs?
Thank you "W"....How many more of our Soldiers must die in Iraq before you decide to end this horrible mess you have gotten our Great Country into? Here. Print these out and hang them everywhere. Why are our Troops still in Iraq? Honestly? What is the point now....EVER? Wake up people...OUr Boys are senselessly being murdered in the sand for no good apparent reason.
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Slaterlinx just called me a Pirate. Arrrggghh Matie!!! I assume he was referring to pirate as in a thief of music though. Which yeah...I am going to prison. Did you see that? First time offender for Online Infringement of Copyrighted Materials(Music) is punishable up to 3 years in PRISON and a $250,000 fine. GEEZ-US!!!!! Do you realize that is the same punishment that someone found to be in possession of Cocaine can face? How Fuxz0red is that? Let's see...What else is new? I have been playing Call of Duty quite alot. I decided to not be a pussy and play on the Hardest level of play....and yeah....It is freakin' HARD!!!! But the game is SO SO SO awesome. That's about all I have to say I guess....
Friday, November 07, 2003
Dat's right!!! Keep yo Pimp-Hand Strong Playa!!!! Moving on. LOL! That's great. WOW! Everytime you go there it is a new person. And finally HELLO! Aren't websites that allow you to do stuff by rolling your mouse over things fun? hehe. I don't know too much else. Mikutel havin' a poker game tonight. Just so everyone knows the rules.....Liquor in the front & Poker in the rear. Slaterlinx apparently thinks he is Maverick now or sumtin. He wins one night of Poker and he is ready to go to Vegas. hehe. I won't be attending the Poker Party for many reasons...A) I don't know how to play...2) I don't like to gamble...and C) I have prior commitments to play some Generals. I went this whole week without playin'....I can't believe it. OKay...I am getting back to work now. Laterz.
Thursday, November 06, 2003
Hmmmm....Decisions Decisions. My official response to a previous blog is as follows: I refuse to allow the before mentioned comments to bait me into responding in the way I truly want to here on SQA. I respect Shaun and I respect the premise of this site TOO much to disregard the integrity of the site any more than what I have already done in the past. Thank you all for your time....PAUL.
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Well....I am quite upset with myself. I missed the World Rock Paper Scissors Championships. Oh well....I guess I will just have to study and practice my Gambits and wait for the tournament next year. hehe. I figure I will check in on some of our more interesting "Old-Skool" website friends. Let's start with the Rocket-Guy. See...He is building himself a rocket and launching himself into space. Well...Not actually space...But 50 miles up. This guy does ALOT more than just build rockets though. He also is an inventor of toys. Heck....He even has 2 different theme songs....How cool is that? It looks like another of our "FRIENDS" have gone by the wayside. The premise behind this guy was GREAT. See...He tried to jump from a pick-up truck to a boat that was being towed on a trailer.....While they were traveling down the high-way. Well...Needless to say he did not make the jump...and the boat trailer ran him over....paralyzing his legs below the knee. Apparently the Medical world devised a set of prostetic legs that would allow him to walk again....But Medicare would not pay for the procedure because he still had his feet connected. SO...He planned to cut off his own feet with a guillotine....And make it like a PPV Event. Theory behind it was if he cut off his feet...Medicare would pay for the Prostetic legs that would allow him to walk again. It kept getting pushed back...and now his website has disappeared...so who knows if he ever completed the task. Next we have ZomboCom. I really do not know what the purpose of this site is....As there really is nothing going on here but the annoying yet soothing voice in the background. Eventually it does let you click something and you can sign up for their mailing list....but after being subscribed for over 3 years...I have yet to receive anything from them. Moving on we have a GREAT site that has/had web cams all over Boston. Well...They still have the one at the Zoo..The Bay..The Airport...And someone's house. BUT...The best one by far has disappeared. See...It was focused on a basketball court where homeless bums and crack-heads lived/hung out. You could take control of the camera and move it around and zoom in on people. It was SO freakin' awesome. I really never knew watching bums wake up from under their cardboard and people smokin' Crack Pipes could be SO enjoyable. MAN! I am disappointed. Without any exaggeration...That cam was the Bomb-Diggity. GEEZ-OH-MAN!!!! I am striking out here. That site is no longer working either. Geesh! That site when you would go to it would play music and the words "YOU ARE AN IDIOT" very loudly. Well...At least this site is still around....Thank Gawd. I have yet to order a T-Shirt from them...even though I always say I am going to.....But their shirts have provided MANY hours of laughing entertainment. I almost forgot about the Dead Frozen Guy. See Grandpa Bredo decided he was gona be Cryogenically Frozen when he passed on. Well...For the past 8 years Grandpa has just been chillin'. So who knows....Maybe someday we can go hangout with a real live walking talking Grandpa Bredo. These next sites are dedicated to those who enjoy an "ALTERNATIVE" Lifestyle. Here they are: 1 & 2 & 3 & 4. And here is one last and final URL to go look at. Well...I think that is all for now....Hope you have as much fun as I have had viewing the sites left that actually still work. LATERZ....

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