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    Welcome to Stupid Questions Answered. Where there really aren't any stupid questions, just dumb answers. We believe that there is no question that cannot be answered! That doesn't necessarily mean  that the answer will be the answer the originator of the question was hoping for, but they get an answer none the less. We make no claims of promising the correct answer, or even one that makes sense, or even in logically structured sentences, but we can, at least, give an answer.

We welcome both your questions & answers!

As expected, with a domain name like this, we answer questions! Where do these questions come from? Why, you of course! email us your questions and keep in mind that we post you questions based on entertainment value or maybe if it would be something we are really interested in ranting about. In either case, send us your questions!

   Now, believe it or not, we also encourage you to send us answers. If you think you know the correct answers or at least answers that sound correct, send them in!  We'll post the best answers based on interesting content, or comedic value. Click here to send this page to a friend!

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"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dream,". Anyone of us could be answering your questions. Beware. Click the pictures above for profiles and blogs of the SQA crew.

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