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What do they have in common?

From:  "ANDREW"

I have four places that need to tie into one another could you please answer the common thread between them, French Embassy, Courthouse, United Nations and St.Patricks Cathedral.

Mr. Obvious reported this:

Concerning the French Embassy, Courthouse, United Nations and St.Patrick's Cathedral question... It's probably not the answer you're looking for, but I can clearly see that all four items include the letter "S" in their name.

TB came up with this:

All 4 buildings were built during different time periods with different architects and have different architectural styles.  BUT they are all in New York City and all have ODD numbered addresses.

Trish and Jackie Chan mentioned that:

The question of what the st patricks cathedral, courthouse, united nations, and a french embassy have in common is the words all share the letter E!

Shawn said:

4 places your bound to get screwed by people of power.

Greg responded with:

They all solve problems whether it's national or in the community.

Jibs did some research and told us this:

They all have the 10 commandments on a plaque either on the building, or inside the building.

katrina added this:

to the courthouse, french embassy,united nations and the church   one is they all have alot of marble I don't know what court house but many have marble, look also at local zone laws.    these are all large buildings  .  they might have needed rules or laws to be changed to be built.

whatever, hotdogshantytown and barbara stated this:

They Are All Buildings In New York.

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