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We think he sounds like the Mitsubishi motors guy or at least some kind of direct relation. When the webmaster isn't laughing in the background he makes up for it and also plays the Luchenbach Texas song for the people at the companies to enjoy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Ok long time no blog! Whats been new well not alot.........Been on some kind of gamblin binge as of late from football to poker and I need to stop. Making plans to file my tax return and you can bet that the beast will be filed Jan 16th the 1st day allowed! Alos will be going to NOLA (New Orleans) for the 311 15th anniversery 311 day show check out the details @ www.311.com 311 will also be doing the soundtrack for Adam Sandlers new Movie 50 first Dates!check him out yo at a 311 show last month! Movie doesnt look to bad either. Wel speaking of movies I got the dvd burner going ive backed up all my movies in case they get scratched i wish i could do a movie I didnt own but that would be against the law and make me a criminal! And that i am not! Well anyways Ill talk to you all later and on a good and sad note i must say Glittering Prizes!
Monday, December 29, 2003
Ok so new computer has to be formatted again and now I know how to burn a dvd movie Yeah!!!!! I will make my first attempt this week!!!!!Paul has got me all rattled this Morning cause he know's how to push my buttons! "c" has left to go upstairs to work and left me down here in disaray!
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
I will Speak and lauren will not be happy isn't it funny how shady you are! Merry Xmas everyone! Happy kwanza to the Ream Family
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
Thoughts go out to the Shell dawg and the Cunningham Family! Rip Joel!
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
OK First off Fuck the Bucks! GO Blue Hail to the Victors!!!!!! If our offense is clicking we should win by 2 or 3 touchdowns!!! Dunt Dunt Dun BOOM!!!! Buck the Fuckeyes!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003
Is it me or is that ring way to small and damn girl you got more hair on one finger than i do on ten!!!! I didnt notice that but a few peeps at work asked me if the ring was on shauns finger?
Ok Paulie Your wrong there is no draft them boys volunteered! They signed up and new the danger of bein in the service have you forgot that Sadamm and Osama still be pimpin hoes in the desert! The same guys responsible for killing thousands of americans and thousands of towel heads. Now im not saying anyone deserves to die but cmon them kids joined the forces knowing if there was a war they would be there. Now we have only lost a small amount of americans to this but look at how many those too guys have killed the war is not over till them two towel heads are dead!
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Damn Gotta love that calculator? Myabe it was just meant to be! and check this one out!!!! youll be amazed wow

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