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Out of nowhere, she appeared.  She did not realize it, but she wanted to be a member of the S.Q.A. Team.  She is in charge of updating, the website.  She does all the grunt work, because we are all too lazy to do it ourselves, including Shaun and the webmaster.  So, she does all the copying and pasting of the questions/answers, she also figures out which questions to post, runs them by the rest of us, then throws them up on the internet for your enjoyment.  It also helps to have a female running around getting us coffee/pop/soda/beverages.  Seriously she is a very career driven woman that is going to make it to the top of some corporate ladder.  It also helped her situation when the government gave us a little nudge on the shoulder/forced us to hire a female because of affirmative action.

Monday, March 29, 2004
I've moved :) Check me out here
Monday, January 26, 2004
Just had to share this cause I thought it was funny! While talking with my little sister about posting questions (yes, that means I'm updating) this is what our conversation turned into:
Kimmi: yey....make sure u put the soda/pop one on there....
Lauren: for a question?
Kimmi: yah...why do some ppl call soda pop and pop soda.....or sumthin like that
Lauren: what name did you send it under?
Kimmi: the soda pop one is from james
Lauren: all i know is i have 300 questions that need answered
Kimmi: that many for real?
Lauren: yeah for real... to be exact there is 306
Kimmi: wow....
Kimmi: i didnt tell that many ppl to go there
Ahhh so cute... thats all for now :)
Saturday, January 24, 2004
Ahhhh the long awaited blog... life has been busy. I've been trying to help out Shaun as much as I can with school seeing as how hes SUPER busy!! His Oberlinx business is seemingly getting busier and they are coming out of the "woodwork" like nothing else. So, I'm now doing the scheduling and billing for him. I built my own computer a week ago... after RMAing a bunch of parts. She works sooo good!! She is such a good girl! I went with Shaun on a network job and got to run Cat5 line all through the building on their like 15 foot high ceiling... yeah that was fun! I haven't really been getting scheduled to work but do not fear... I requested more hours for next week and they gave it to me :) Yippy!!! Hopefully things will get better soon. So I also decided to see what I could find when I did a Google Image search for Shaun... let me tell you, this is the best thing I've done in I dunno how long! So it turns out that Shaun is actually a sheep! Hahahaha! And after doing a little more research on this matter I found this awsome website which explains it in further detail, there are also some great pictures that I highly recommend checking out!!! Well thats about it for now! Laters!
Thursday, January 08, 2004
Well once again, I was visiting people's Xanga blogs when I came across Paul's blog... and Shaun and I decided to go ahead and fill in the blanks to create this Mad Libbs... Once upon a time, in the land of bathroom, there lived a penis. This penis was so pretty that everyone made fun of it. They would throw old shoes at the penis, until it would run. I once saw the penis standing along the green foot. I'll never forget that day. hehehe... just wanted to share that with everyone real quick...

Friday, January 02, 2004
So many things going on. Christmas was good... got lots of clothes, it was cool. Me and Shaun build a really big lego shippy thing. Check out his blog for the pictures, they will be up soon. New Years Eve was non-exciting. We decided to spend the evening at my parents house. It included them watching "Anger Management" and me sleeping on the couch until about 11:30 then waking up watching the ball drop and eating a hot dog then driving home and going to bed... yep bunches of fun! So yeah. Oh I decided to go ahead and get my hair cut. Well I guess not really really cut... more like a trim... they basically cut off the split ends and layered my hair a little bit for me so that it is less puffy... :) yippy!! Thats about it... life is crazy... Work is good, I'm enjoying the Gap, and I will be staying past seasonal :) Yes, that means I will be part of a working society. I'm in need of friends... mine seem to have gotten lost somewhere... I dunno where though... Well that is it for now... more later...
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
Well finally some time to write a much needed blog! Heres whats been happening:

Well me and Shaun got invited over to my mom and dads house to help decorate the Christmas Tree. I was a little disappointed in the tree they picked out this year... usually its really fat and so tall that we have to cut off the bottom once home cause we got one that was too big for our ceiling... well not this year. Anyways Mom was handing out ornaments for me, Shaun, and Kimmi to hang on Mr. Tree. Shaun was a little confused by this ornament. Shaun stretched high to hang this ornamant. Shaun and I paused to smile for the camera. So this year it was Kimmi's turn to put the angel on top of the Christmas tree. Then the tree was completed so mom played the piano and we sang Christmas carols. :)

So.... then we got to go to "the company's" Christmas party... it was cool. I love this picture of me. Heres a darling picture of me and Shaun. Yes, I know we're cute :) We got to spend a lot of time talking to Bili and Jessica. (Bili and Bork) and of course the Corey man (Digisciple). Overall the evening was lots of fun but the food was kinda weird... the desserts were yummy though!!

Sooo... then... we went on a trip to PA to visit my family... wow... was it snowing... note to self, NEVER drive in snow storm... It was snowing so bad we could barely see out the window! Ikea is the BEST store in PA to go to... unfortunately Shaun wouldn't let us stop. But then as we prepared to go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel I saw this sign which made me laugh a little. So we came out of the tunnel to see these pictures of Pittsburgh, one, two, and three. Yeah so lots of snow! Meanwhile, my poor poor Shaun was getting tired of driving in the snow. Apparently no one really wanted to clear off the roads so everything was snow covered. So we finally get to Grandma's house only to decide to venture out to my Grandpas to see him. Here are the pictures of what we saw on the way over, ohhhh ahhhh ohhhh. Well I just thought that it was super pretty :) Me, Kimmi, and Shaun showed our pearly whites for the camera. Then Kim decided to manicure and paint Shaun's toes. I thought all of this was very very funny! I Loves picture of me and Shaun. So then on the way home I got some better pictures of Pittsburgh. Heres a cool picture of the incline. That thing is awsome... I highly recommend checking it out! Now we also got this sorta cool picture of the new stadium. So that was a fun trip...

Now... life... well work has been going well. I've been extremely busy working like 6 days a week. Then I kinda sorta hurt my foot and the doctor has ordered me to stay off me foot... not cool! Oh and I made cookies the someone (who shall not be named) at them all!!! errrr!!! So I got to spend the better half of my morning making cookies!! Oh yeah fun fun!! Well tonight me and Shaun are off to my mom and dads to open a couple "special" presents before Santa arrives. Tomorrow we got another busy day. I mean we're talking noon lunch with Shaun's family and gift exchange then dinner and presents with my family. So eventually there will be lots of Christmas pictures to share with everyone! Well I'm off to do somethings before leaving. Have a GREAT Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2003
Wow... so long since I have posted... lots has been going on... I've been working quite a bit at Gap, and it turns out that they are going to keep me after holiday so yippy for me! Thats about it for now, I'm waiting for Shaun to blog so I can appropriately put up pictures of our adventures.

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