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Why on the left wrist?

From:  "Edwardo"

Why do right handed people wear their watch on their left wrist?

Nick first wrote us this: 

Right handed people wear their watch on their left wrist because that way it wont get in the way when they try to do things with their right hands and so they can check the time when they are doing something else with their right hand.

Roxy shared what she was taught: 

My mommy has always told me not to wear it on my active hand so to speak. Since im right handed I do wear it on my left but I never really noticed. I think it is because I use my right hand a whole lot more of course so I don't want it getting scratched or anything.

i know all shared this: 

they where it on their left wrist so it does not get in the way. at least most people do that I know some that don't (like me) but for most people that is how it is the most comfy

amr shalakani shared his beliefs: 

cause it's so annoying have a watch around the wrist of the dominant hand.....try putting your watch around your right wrist and write or eat for-example...it's not a pleasant sensation. But some do wear them on the right...

Catt observed this: 

As a kid i wore my watch on my right hand and ponderd the same question, untill i was holding a cup full of juice and looked at the time.... resulting in a telling off and wet everything!

TB faithfully wrote this: 

Because it is easier to do things with your right hand like set your watch and buckle your watch.

pavolka responded with this: 

Because their right arms get a lot more exercise and their left ones can atrophy. Carrying the weight of the watch and the twisting movements needed to check the time even things out.

Keith came up with this answers:

Could be several reasons:
- Old wristwatches needed to be wound and have the time set quite frequently. It would be easier for right handed people to do this with their right hand so they would need to wear the watch on their left wrist (unless they took it off). Working the buttons on a digital watch would also be easier with the right hand (for right handed people) but the precedent was set long ago.
- Right handed people would use their right arm more. Chances of banging/breaking the watch would be greater on the right wrist. Watch may get in the way as you're writing with the right hand.
- It may just be a fashion/etiquette thing - early wristwatches were created left or right handed at the whim of the watchmaker.

Sarah mumbled this: 

right handed people wear their watch on their left hand so that they can still see it while performing tasks with their right hand. like writing for example.

Smartie rattled this: 

Because if they are writing or eating, they need to be able to check the time! It's all about double tasking.

KRDF7 concluded with this: 

So the watch does not get in the way of writing (this starts at an early age), same goes with left handers wearing the watch on the right wrist. OR due to society and how we were brought up, i'm left handed for awhile there my parents would correct me on wearing the watch on the left wrist(both parents are right handed). BONUS you can usually tell if a person is left or right handed, depending on how they wear the watch.

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