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From:  "Randall"

Why is the word "BIG" so small, And why is the word "DYSLEXIC" so difficult to spell. Lol P.S Love the site.

Amr Shalakani tried his best to come up with answer for this: 

regarding the question "words"....humans do not invent a term in their language until they need it. So "BIG" was invented by modern fat people who couldn't move their lazy body and so is the word "dyslexic" who was invented by people finding it hard to pronounce right.!!! lol

TB did some homework and wrote us this short response to the problem: 

The english language has been influenced by many other languages. It has changed considerably since the times of Shakespeare. Latin had a major affect on it because of scientists and scholars. "DYSLEXIC" or "DYSLEXIA" is from two latin words and prefixes. "DYS" means not, "LEXIA" comes the latin word "LEXIKON" meaning to speak. Spelling changes occur over time due to the way people say it or people mishear it when they write it down and the word stays that way when it is documented. The word "BIG" has been around a long time. It perhaps is of Scandinavian origin.
Summary: words that are complex tend to be scientific in origin. Words that are more simplistic tend to be part of everyday conversation.

theMrEman summed up the conversation with this: 

why is stutter so hard to say by the people who have one? why is the word microscopic so big? why do we all spend our free time trying to answer these questions? because the world is a crazy place and English is a crazy language. Some questions although are sometimes better left unanswered, like this one. A quote relating to this site is by Voltaire when he said "if god didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent him"

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