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Which Dave died?

From:  "Jim"

here's my question:
Anyone who eats some amounts of fast food knows that the founder of Wendy's restaurants Dave Thomas died a few years ago. that I agree with, but the thing that has been nagging at my brain is that I seem to remember something on the news a while back that said that there was an actor playing Dave Thomas, because the real Dave was either horribly ugly (so much that you wouldn't want to buy sandwiches from him) or that he simply did not want to be in commercials. If this is true, which Dave died? Did the real Dave die and leave the actor to never be able to show his face again? Or did the actor die and leave the real Dave anonymous? please find some answer to this as I have been arguing it with friends family and coworkers for many months now and need closure in my life.
Also, while I'm thinking about it, did Dave Thomas really have a daughter that he named the restaurant after? and why?
thanks for any help

We received a couple emails as to whether Dave is dead or alive Sean Diamond sent us this:

 The real Dave Thomas is dead. It was the real Dave in the commercials. Yes Dave has/had a daughter named Wendy whom the chain was named after. Dave Thomas was adopted and did a lot of charitable work (time and money) helping make adoption easier for suitable parents. I learned most of this when he was "on" biography.

We then received this email from Erin Imel:

For the which Dave died question, Dave Thomas really did name his restaurant after his daughter Wendy. not sure exactly why. and also, I am almost positive that there was no actor Dave Thomas. just the real one. they showed old pictures and they looked like the same guy. the reason I know this is because of gay business foundations where all we did is watch pointless movies about dead entrepreneurs.

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