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Weight-bearing areas?

From:  "Courtney"

What are the weight-bearing areas of the foot?

Amr Shalakani once again gave us his professional opinion: 

regarding the question "weight bearing areas"....well being a doctor I think I can answer this one.....if u wanna know the answer...check ur foot-prints on a wet-sandy beach after u walk on it.....here it goes! but in short...they are 3 areas :your heel bone, the lateral arch of the foot and the heads of the metacarpal bones.

Todd thought of this good idea: 

You can easily find this answer by taking off your socks and shoes. Now you take a look at the bottom of your feet. You'll see tough skin where the weight is placed on your foot. You can feel the tough skin also. A lot of the weight is on the heel and you can see/feel tougher skin there.

TB sent us this website to help out: 

Weight Distribution is toward the bottom of the page, but every part of the foot contributes to weight handling. try here

jax finally finished off with this last remark: 

I would think it would be the bottom. Try walking on the tops for a while

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