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Siblings planning weddings

From:  "Jessa"

Is there any etiquette for siblings planning weddings close together? We have had a date set since April of 2003, and my fiancé's brother has recently gotten engaged and announced that they will be planning a wedding for the Summer of 2004. Our date is May of 2004! Is this too close? I'm afraid that I won't be able to hold back my ill feelings toward them for stealing our thunder.

KJ thought this was a good plan: 

I say you have your wedding, then if they still have their wedding right after yours, you ruin it, or pay someone else to ruin it. I'd do it, for a small fee I'd do anything you want. I can object during the ceremony, I can tamper with their food, Nothing evil or dangerous, I'm not a killer you know. It would be fun I think.

Michelle gave this helpful idea: 

Close weddings- I'm no etiquette expert (not even sure I can spell it) But ya, that seems kinda rude if they didn't ask you if you minded first. Maybe if you brought it up right you could explain to them that it hurt that they didn't even consider if you'd mind them getting married so close to when you are. But they probably aren't going to change it for you, so you are probably stuck with it. Sorry!

nice pointed this out: 

about siblings getting married close to the same date, it can be done and there is nothing wrong with it but the problem is that if the same people are invited to each they may only go to one and their gifts will not be that great. or what you could do, if you really wanted to, is you can do a "double wedding" (you get married at the same time at the same place) that can be a good thing to look back on but you may also regret sharing your special day. there is nothing wrong about weddings being close but I say go with your gut. if you don't want their and your wedding to be close then find a polite way of saying it to them. who knows maybe they will change their mind and have a fall wedding or something else

C.H.U.D. concluded with this: 

Have you ever considered just being happy for them? I think you might
be flattering yourself a little if you believe they set their wedding
date with you in mind.

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