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20 year warranties?

From:  "biggy"

why life time guaranties are only good for 20 years ?

ray mallonee simply answered with this: 

20 year warrantees cause 20 years is as long as the product will last

C++gUrU did the research for us and compiled this: 

If companies kept on repairing stuff forever, then the manufacturer of the first telephone, for example, would have to continue making parts forever, costing a lot of money and using up natural resources. Plus, if there was a lifetime warranty on something you find at an antique shop, then it wouldn't be antique, rather a regular item. Why they call it a lifetime warranty, that is only for God to know.

shatnerisgod thought of this idea: 

lifetime guarantees are only good for 20 years so that your great great great great great great great great grandson doesn't try to return it without a receipt.

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