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Why isn't it free?

From:  "Maj. Disappointment"

If Wal-Mart is lowering prices everyday, why is nothing free yet?

David K responded with this idea: 

Well, they didn't say they are lowering prices on EVERYTHING every day, and just because they are lowering prices on SOME things doesn't mean they AREN'T RAISING prices on OTHER things.
Therefore, you can lower the price of one item in your store every day to make that statement true, but you can raise he price of that item the next day and lower the price of something else, and vice versa, and nothing will ever end up being free.
That begin said, does Wal-Mart actually reduce the price of at least one item in their store EVERY DAY? If not, then they are doing false advertising, and I am going to sue them!

Pavolka pointed this out: 

Everytime something reaches free, it's all grabbed up by opportunists. So the next load starts at regular price.

Sarah responded with this: 

bout the wal-mart question. sure, wal-mart is always lowering prices, but not by much, first off, and second off they usually sell out a product before it ends up free. plus, they don't lower every single price of every item in the store everyday, its just a catchy sales pitch, to which, you, the unknowing public, have fallen victim. have a great day.

Mr. Obvious reminded us this: 

In response to Wal-Mart lowering prices... Wally-world raises prices often enough to counter-act the effects of lowering them. Not only that, but they can also lower prices by 0.01 cents every day, so the price would go down three-and-a-half cents in a year.

Sp00k gave us these ideas: 

1) Free means no price...it's free. Or, you could call ot charity...but it's just free...as in free of price.
2) Walmart is a capitalist establishment, and a big one at that. Giving your merchandise away free just goes against everything capitalism stands for, which is usaully about "me" instead of "that guy over there". Misleading ad slogans are just that...they lead you to conclude that sometime, it's gonna have to be free. But it's not...so I guess the answer you are looking for is this: Lies are more acceptable to capitalists than charity.

rOxY concluded with this: 

simple~!~ They don't always lower prices everyday... its just Wal-Mart making people like you come into there store thinking their stuff is practically free...~~~news flash~~~ITS NOT!!! srry to burst ur bubble X_X

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