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Turtle without a shell?

From:  "Jesse Shores"

If a turtle doesn't have a shell, is he naked or homeless?

Info: Ok so even though we knew the answer, we wanted to see what our fellow readers would come up with:

C.H.U.D. was the first to send us his thoughts on the situation:

Homeless or naked? Actually it's much worse. The turtle would be dead. A turtle's shell is an integral part of its skeleton. Its vertebrae are actually fused to the shell. A turtle can't be removed from its shell without dying.

Yash helped out with:

The shell of the turtle is part of their skin. It is not like a hermit crab. So the turtle without shell is not naked or homeless.. it is a dead turtle.

Todd summarized the responses with:

NEITHER. He is dead. Turtles need a shell to live. Easy as that.

In conclusion turtles without shells... just don't exist. End of the story.

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