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Kidnappers worst nightmare

Completed by viewers like you =P.

Background:  This is yet another e-mail question as follows:

From: Jennifer

While loading the trunk of my car with goodies, (I have one of those "mysterious" GM cars with the switched logos) I noticed a yellow tag hanging from the top of the lid. Never noticing this, I wondered what it could be. The yellow tag showed a picture of the back of a car with the trunk open and a little man jumping out. Out of curiosity, I hopped into my trunk, closed the lid, and pulled the yellow tag. Much to my amazement, the lid popped open and I was able to jump out of my trunk. Why would the manufacturers put such an odd thing in my trunk? Were they worried that the dead bodies I keep in there would get cramped and need to stretch their legs? I hope you can find the answer to my question, so I can sleep better at night knowing those dead bodies in my trunk are more comfortable.

Well when the 3rd person we tried to get into the trunk ended up getting out we wondered about this too since we really need to keep Shaun in the trunk till he is needed...anymore and he gets a little jumpy

Info: Well after a few e-mails and a nice little chat with one of the SQA crew we found out the answer to this question.  With the current scare of people driving up to your children or elderly people walking on the sidewalk and somehow magically stuffing them into a trunk GM decided to appease the minds of the worried.  Hence the new keen little flag and/or glow in the dark button that releases the trunk.  So now you can feel safe in knowing if your Grandmother is walking on the street and a car gang of ravaging Elderly people collectors comes and steals her that she always has a choice.  Now said person can jump out of the moving car on the highway (although it might be best to wait till they stop but then...always remember tuck and roll).

A big thanks to the couple of e-mails we got in answer to the question so Tom, Rick, Mike, and Laurie thanks for checking out the site and looking the stuff up for us so we didn't have to wait on hold with GM again hehe.

Thanks again to Dave Varet, the SQA crew was once again corrected as to the real happening of the trunk. Here's the real deal.

wrong again. The yellow handle in the trunk is not for kidnappings but stupid kids. A couple years back kids kept locking themselves accidentally in trunks that had been mistakenly left open. Parents on a few occasions actually opened their trunk to find dead child inside. Given how much fun that would be and that the chief target of car sales in the late nineties were moms, car companies quickly did research as to what they could do. Originally the handles were red or orange as these colors require the least light to be seen of any colors in the visible spectrum, but retarded kids associated these colors with fire and thought that they would get burned if they touched the handles. If you ask me I think this whole situation called for a little progressive Darwinism (these are the same type of retards that when they grow up can't understand that inflammable means something is able to be ignited and required the term to be switched to flammable) regardless, idiocy, not kidnapping was the problem. Kidnappers seldom place kids in trunks outside of the movies (arriving to your hideout with a suffocated child does little good come ransom phone call time)


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