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Trick or Treat age?

From:  "Tony"

Me and my wife were wondering how old is to old to trick or treat? Is there a certain age that is designed by law? Or just up to the individual?

TB mumbled something like this: 

Traditionally it is pre-teen (12 and under)

Roxy shared her views: 

There is no age limit on Halloween. It's up to the individual. I know lots of people who still trick or treat and their in college but then again I know a lot who don't. I still do! Who doesn't want free candy? Of course I don't go in a fairie costume anymore or anything like I used to. Now its more like a french maid or something more age appropriate. if you want to still go trick or treating I say go for it as long as you don't care what other people think. Which you shouldn't!

Todd responded with this: 

Trick or Treat forever. As long as people give out candy you should keep going. Many people stop giving it out to "older" kids though. I am 16 and last year many people refused me candy. This year I'm not going to go trick or treating. I don't think there are any laws that set an age to trick or treating. So... HAPPY TRICK OR TREATING!

Patti helped out with this: 

You are never too old to trick or treat!! I am 50 years old and my husband is 56 and we still dress up in costumes and trick or treat. Its a good idea to go with your kids and grandkids trick-or-treating. You and the kids will have a fun time together. An adult should be there to watch that everything go's smooth...... PARTY ON!!!!!

Renae pointed this out: 

if there was a law which there probably isn't there is a big loop-hole if you have (a) young child or children because you go trick or treating with them (most of the time right). so your going trick or treating.

Smartie did some research and said this: 

Trick or treating age is any age, as long as there is a parent along. ("Awww, look at da wittle baby in the pumpkin outfit! I'll just give the mommy some candy to celebrate her adorable child.") For the child to go alone, wait until he/she asks you if they can go with their friends, and not you (the age varies, but if you let them it depends on your neighborhood and whether or not there will be another parent along). If you don't want to drag your kid along for those youngest years, hand 'em over to some other parent who will be more than happy to eat the kid's candy for you.

all fools night gave us this information: 

there is no law against it if you are 5 and want to trick or treat you can and you can if you are 99 you can, age is not a factor it is up to you yourself if you think that you are to old to go out

P3P51 muttered this: 

i know that in Virginia beach, virginia if u are older than 13 u are not allowed to trick or treat even though many people still choose to do so

TrivialNut reported this: 

Trick or treating is designated for children ages 4-14. Though this law is not enforced or known in many areas, the Federal Center for Holidays recognizes this day as, and I quote "A day for children aged 4-14 to ask for candy at various homes throughout their neighborhood, or a neighborhood that is deemed to be fine for their trespassing. The people in homes willingly give out candy, and therefore, no trespassing laws may be enforced on this day." As you can see, the ages to go trick or treating are 4-14.

Mr. Obvious came up with this simple answer: 

Anyone can trick-or-treat, provided they are prepared to be ridiculed by everyone around them.

jack o lantern concluded with this: 

The oldest age for a person to trick or trick is 13, Because 13 is a traditional evil number like 6. and also because 13 is already a teenager.

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