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Didn't they need tools?

From:  "Casey"

When there were absolutely no machines or tools on the earth years and years ago, how did people make metal tools? Wouldn't you need tools to make tools?

brad first responded with this: 

they had tools they were just made out of stone (slate) and tree's for example the Tammahawk or the bow's and arrow's

TB helped out with this: 

The first tools were rocks, bone, wood, sea shells and animal parts. With the introduction of fire, man used copper, tin, brass, iron and then steel. Stone and wood are still used as part in making tools due to availability and cost.

Rager responded with this: 

As we are reliably informed in the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (in my
opinion, the source of all wisdom), the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.
As we learn from several animals which use rocks to open hard food, you don't need tools to make tools. Since we stood up and were able to use our hands, we've been able to use heavy, hard or sharp rocks, sticks and brains. The first and simplest machine was the lever. By the time we learned how to use fire to forge metal, we already knew the best shapes to crush and cut things. After that, it was a simple matter to make molds or use the metal tools we already had to make better ones.

KJ thought up this: 

Technically if a monkey uses a stick to pick his butt its considered a tool, So I'm sure cavemen had tools. I think they probably used hard rocks to start to shape metal, then that evolved into using metal and fire to shape more metal, and nowadays we have the most complicated technological butt pickers ever imagined... and come other cool stuff too, but with an itchy butt, whats the point.

Joe simply stated this: 

Rocks were used to bang out tools on metal heated by fire.

Todd rattled off this answer: 

Well it is not like a cordless speed saw or any tool was made out of nowhere. Tools progressed as technology improved and as time pasted. Earlier humans such as the Homo Erectus used tools. These tools were made of stone and worked well for killing and eating animals. It isn't difficult to pick up a rock and use it as a tool. Many people these days think of cools as power tools and such. But as time has pasted, more advanced tools have been developed. After metals became popular, tools were being made out of metal. Now days, tools are made of metal, plastic, and/or wood. These tools are made by machine. But as I have said stones were used thousands of years ago as tools.

Ken added this: 

Metals tools were formed by softening the metal by heating it. A good rock or a cold piece of metal tied to piece of wood can work hot metal. The Look up foundry and forging for more info.

bookworm488 concluded with this: 

They used their bare hands or debris to make primitive tools, which then got more complicated i.e. a bit of vine, a stick and a sharp rock became a primitive stone spear or knife.

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