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The words to, too and two...

From:  "Heather"

How would you spell the word "to" in the sentence.. "there are three to's in the english language." (to, too and two). If you can answer this, I will do ANYTHING you want.

Well after a short period of time and multiple attempts to answer this question naycauth first responded with this: 

You would say "There are three words pronounced 'too' in the English language, 'to', 'two', and 'too'."

C.H.U.D. wanted a favor done for him so responded back with this: 

"The word 'to' has two homonyms - 'too' and 'two'." Now do my laundry.

KJ responded back with this response: 

In the sentence There are three to's in the english language" you would spell it like it is pronounced in the english dictionary. You know, in the ( ) with all the symbols like the oo with the line over it etc. I'd look it up but I'm lazy. In return I want your hand in marriage, and as dowry I require 3 pigs of above average size, a handmade quilt, a monkey, and also a legally binding contract forcing you to submit to my every desire. Tootles

Carl gave us a couple different answers: 

Well, the three different to's.. I hope you're not confused already ;)... all have different meanings...
1) to: meaning you are going to the store...
2) too: meaning can I go to the store too?

Catt tried to answer with this: 

That sentence is Incorrect. "There are three different spellings and meanings of the word To in the English language." (in this sentence any spelling would be appropriate"

DuhIdonknow thought up this simple idea: 

There are three words thats make the sound Tü.

rebel simply answered with this: 

i would say there are three 2s!!!

i know all gave us this to work with: 

technally there are not three "to's" in the english langue. what they are is just words that sound alike when said. all three have different meanings and so their for there are not three "to's" in the english langue. and because there is not three "to's" you do not have to worry about using the sentence "there are three to's in the english langue"

Paul summed up the responses with this: 

Which "to" should you use in the written sentence does not matter. It is like asking which of the three "poors" (poor, pour or pore) you should use when asking the same question. Since the three words all have different meanings, none of which are relevant in regards to the meaning of the sentence, any of the three could be used. The correct usage for the word "to" in this case is as you typed it in your first sentence, place the word in quotes. This alerts the reader that the word is not to be read literally. The preference would also be to use the most common form of the word. So "to" would be the answer to your question.

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