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When thinking??

From:  "George"

Why do people hold their chin and look up when thinking?

TB was the first to send us this: 

For some people it is a pose. For others it is a posture that tells people that you are thinking and not to bother them.

KJ thought up this: 

As for holding your chin while thinking, maybe the good people of SQA might be obliged to answer this one. I mean, in their pics on the main page 5 out of seven of them are holding this classic pose.

Todd shared this: 

I always look down when I think... weird. I do know that the hand to chin is most likely from the statue called The Thinker. It is a famous statue of a man sitting down holding his chin and looking down... Maybe thats why I look down.

I know all rattled this off: 

people do that because then it moves their eyes. the different sides of the brain are logic and creativity. by looking up towards the logic side people find it easer to thing logically the same is true for the other side

Pavolka responded with this: 

Actors stole the general impression given by the sculpture "The Thinker." Other actors who thought they could improve on the technique added the looking up. Any real person who does this has seen too many bad movies.

C.H.U.D. faithfully turned in this: 

It has been shown that looking upwards enhances your ability to access
long-term memories.

Jamalique (also Ash Jamalatar and Ash) concluded with this: 

People look up when they are thinking because they believe that looking up will somehow allow them to get secret messages from God. There are a few who look DOWN when they think and, well, we all know what that means; they look to Satan for the answers.

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