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Whats with the body temperature?

From:  "Nick"

How come even though our bodies are at 98.6 degrees we are really hot when its 98 degrees outside?? Shouldn't it be comfortable that way??

TB faithfully helped us with this: 

Our bodies requires our internal temperature to be at or about 98.6F. If the outside temperature is at or higher than internal then it makes it more difficult to release the excess heat. Our skin temperature is not 98.6F (37C). This difference allows us to regulate the heat through sweat and heat exchange of our blood. Our body generates heat through exertion and chemical reactions. With high temperatures it make it difficult to shunt off that excess temps and causes discomfort.

Don added this: 

The chemical reactions which take place in our bodies to metabolize food into energy are exothermic, meaning they release heat. This means that your body is continuously producing heat. If the air around your body is around the same temperature as your body, then that heat doesn't dissipate very well, so you feel warm.

somewhatdamaged believes this: 

The temperature outside doesn't have as much to do with our comfort level as does the humidity level. If it's humid and 98 degrees outside, then we are uncomfortable. If it's 98 degrees outside with 0% humidity, most people ARE quite comfortable. Keep in mind that our "98.6" degree body temp is there to keep up warm, and on a warm day, the two can act together as an invisible blanket.

Curt muttered this: 

The body temperature refers to the inside body temperature and not the outside temperature. You don't want your outside body temperature that hot, and that is why you sweet, to cool yourself down.

halfpassed did some research and discovered this: 

The reason we are very hot when our body temp. is 98.6 degrees, and its, lets say, 98 degrees outside is this: you can't give off energy. Basically, heat is energy. Go feel a metal faucet at room temp and a wooden table in the same room. The faucet feels cool because all the energy, or heat, is leaving your hand and entering the faucet, making it fell cold. Now the table doesn't take away nearly as much heat from your hand, making it feel much warmer. However, they are the same temperature. Same with why we feel cold or hot outside, because we aren't giving off as much heat, or energy.

i know all summed it up with this: 

bcuz we are warm-blooded. if we where cold-blodded, like reptiles, then we would like it to be warmer.

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