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What if one drowns?

From:  "Linda J"

In synchronized swimming, if one of the swimmers drowns, do the others have to drown too?

Well I actually sat and pondered this question for a few moments, laughed to myself and said this is awesome... can't wait for the answers we get to this! So give it a shot so I don't have to!!! *Lauren*

sc0rch started the answers with this: 

Well if they really want to be a good team then the others must drown too.Or else the judges should give them a 0 since the others didn't follow the drowning idiot. If one was to drown I'd wanna know who the jackass was that let the non-swimmer on the team

mr_smiley came to the rescue once again with this: 

i don't think that a professional swimmer wil drown
butt if he drowns
the others most drown to
in the book of synchronized swimming there is nothing that say's don't drown

Sarah shared inside information: 

about the sinq swimmin question. being a sinq swimmer, ill tell you that NO if one of us drowns, the rest of us do not also drown. we get the life gaurd to come save the one that is drowing....and congrats, that really IS a stupid question.

Godzilla plainly stated: 

Only if they want a good score.

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