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Why celebrate?

From:  "laurens sister kimi "

why do we celebrate sweetest day?

TB simply answered this: 

It allows merchants to sell more stuff like grandparents day and valentines day.

Todd thought up this: 

People celebrate sweetest day because its a commercial holiday. The only reason it exists is for stores to make money selling candy, flowers, etc. Many people don't actually celebrate sweetest day. As a matter of fact, I don't even know when it is... which is my point exactly. It's a pointless "holiday".

durhamsgirl responded with this: 

I heard on the radio back on sweetest day it is not actually another valentines day.
That day in history a guy gave some unfortunate kids some chocolate candy and over the years it became sweetest day and people turned it into another valentines day.
Not sure if the story is true but hey why cant it be?

Digisciple pointed this out: 

We celebrate Sweetest Day so that companies like Hallmark can make more money. Also, because it is the day I proposed to my wife. That is all.

Andrew helped out with this: 

Its a simple marketing tool to make people buy cards, Candy, Flowers and shit. Do you remember a secretaries day or grand parents day 20 years or so ago. Probably not. Just like all holidays have been commercialized they have invented more to keep the ball rolling. And you see how the wool has been pulled over your eyes. May be we should have an anti modernization day when no one uses the phone or electricity or buys anything for a day. The media would have a heart attack.

Gyre46 concluded with this: 

Although Sweetest Day is not a Federal holiday nor mandated by Federal law or affiliated with the U.S. government, it is observed in many places across the country. During America's Great Depression, a man from Cleveland, Herbert Birch Kingston, a philanthropist and candy company employee began the observance in Cleveland in 1922. This day originated as an effort to provide a small token of friendship to the underprivileged, shut ins, orphans, and homeless. Today the holiday has expanded to include small tokens of appreciation to friends and neighbors. These tokens of appreciation can be small gifts or small acts of kindness. This event is repeated on the third Saturday in October as a day to make someone happy. Sweetest Day is not based on any single group's religious sentiment or on a family relationship. It is a reminder that a thoughtful word or deed enriches life and gives it meaning.

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