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What is the air-speed velocity?

From:  "ElbaliavanU"

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Nick first answered with this: 

Well to be able to tell the air speed velocity you would have to know if it was an african or a european swallow, so until that information is given i cant give you an answer.

TB faithfully answered with this: 

Is it an african or european swallow? Auuuuuuuugh! Let's be original. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is almost 30 years old. The answer is cruising speed of 38 to 40 mph with a miximum speed of 48 mph. :)

Catt mumbled this: 

Aha! a montey python fan...
is that a African or European Swallow?

Keith aggred with Catt: 

Estimates for the maximum speed of swallows is probably 40 to 50 mph. However, the usual response to the question is: African or European?

Brandon sent us this site: 

Someone that already has too much on their hands answered it here

Mr. Obvious:  Unladen swallows have an airspeed velocity of about 10 meters per second. Some species, however, can achieve velocities of 15 meters per second.

The Black Knight summed it up with this: 

The airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow depends on many factors and parameters. For example, an African Swallow would tend to travel at a different velocity than an European Swallow. Furthermore, their flight patterns are different, so their instantaneous velocity at a given point will almost always be different. However, technological advances have given way to being able to use swallows to transport husked coconuts across large distances, enabling us to use coconuts on a daily basis, provided we have a large contingent of willing swallows ready to make a nonstop convoy for X amount of time, or however long we wish. Swallows can also be modified, as attaching a 50 newton rocket propulsion system on a 1 kg swallow will result in an acceleration of 50 m/s(2), which is of course negating any air resistance, since swallows have been recorded as outer space fliers. I hope i cleared any doubts about this matter.

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