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Any punishments?

From:  "Michelle" 

Related to the suicide question: Has anyone actually been punished for attempting suicide? I know someone who has attempted, and no one ever told her that what she did was illegal, or that any punishment would ensue (And this all happened about 2 years ago).

TB answered with this: 

It is listed as illegal in most states. Unless he or she is involved in other illegal activities. If they are in jail and believed to be suicidal, they are held on a "suicidal watch". Research indicates that the person is offered psychiatric help. In severe cases the person is remanded to a psychiatric ward until such time the patient is deemed ok. I can find no cases of people jailed for being charged for a suicide attempt.

KJ gave us his thoughts on the situation: 

It is considered attempted murder, but I don't think anyone could be criminally charged with it, they could just plead insanity anyway. Usually there is a 72 watch in a padded room or something along those lines, if you consider that punishment than I guess your answer is yes.

Jax pointed out this bit of information: 

Suicide is only illegal if you fail. Have you ever seen or heard of anyone sentenced to jail time for succeeding?

I know all summarized with this: 

what happens is that when someone tries to kill them selves they are placed in a mental hospital for a time decided by a judge this is the punishment but not all suicide attempts are brought to court sometimes all that it is is your school counselor may suggest a shrink

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