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What happened?

From:  "Jason "Last Name Omitted""

If you try to fail and succeed, what did you just do?

TB faithfully answered with this: 

You have done nothing or less than nothing. In order to succeed even a little bit, something must be done. But to do nothing does require restraint from doing something. Occasionally doing nothing is best like not scratching that itch and eventually it will go away and not get worse as persistent scratching can cause it to spread. There you have succeeded.

amr shalakanidr gave us this: 

Succeeded in becoming a failure!

Yan thought this up: 

if you have just succeeded in failing then you have failed, if you try to fail an exam and succeed in doing so, then you have failed the exam!

Kimmi pointed this out: 

why would you be trying to fail in the first place....you failed anyway because you failed at failing.

Curt babbled this: 

you succeeded in failing so you failed

dragonjase responded with this: 

got lucky!! or really suck at messing up. like getting out of doing laundry... wash something extremely new and red with all your bonita's frilly whites.

Bill muttered this: 

succeeded to fail to fail successfully.

Dave helped out with this: 

If you try to fail and succeeded you were successful in failing as that was your motive in the first place.

Mr Obvious concluded with this: 

To try to fail and succeed, you have successfully failed by failing to succeed. What it amounts to is that you succeed in your effort to fail. No paradox there.

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