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Why stripes on straws??

From:  "supaliz"

What's with the red stripes on drinking straws?

Todd responded back with this: 

I would guess for decoration. Somebody became bored with just a white straw and decided to put stripes on it I bet.

ElbaliavanU believes this: 

The stripes are on the straws so that they're pretty

Yoh-ko simply stated this: 

The reason that stripes are on straws: for design, of course.

TB did a little research and reported back with this:  

To increase sales. straws were originally made of paper coated with wax. When plastic came around, they were opaque and dull. To get more people interested in straws especially kids alternating colors were introduced. The concept came from barber poles and straight lines made it easier to manufacture.

Kathryn gave us her views on the situation: 

Two possiblities spring to mind
A) Go faster stripes eanble you to suck up more drink in a specific amount of time - though thats a bit wierd cos you would have to suck harder and I don't notice a difference when I drink from an un-striped straw.
B) The vertical stripes, as all fashion concious people know, cause the straw to look thinner, therefore appearing more attractive to people (or other straws?????!!!!!) when being used.

Mr. Obvious concluded with this: 

In response to the stripes-on-the-straws question, that's not true; I have a big canister of straws in my kitchen that don't have stripes.

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