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How many video stores??

From:  "craig King"

How many video rental stores are there in North America??

Todd did his best to try and answer it with this: 

A LOT! Considering there are thousands of major ones like Blockbuster. Then you have all the ones that have just one store. Probably thousands of them.

Casey gave us this simple answer: 

I have the answer to how many video stores there are in America...it's a simple answer: a lot

TB did some research and came up with this estimate: 

Blockbuster has more than 8,500 company-operated and franchised stores throughout the United States. Hollywood Video has become the world's second largest video chain, with more than 1,800 stores. There are more than a thousand "mom & pop" video stores through the US. There are more than a hundred online video stores. Altogether there are about 12,000 stores nationwide.

ashleigh bitterly stated: 

who really cares how many rental video stores there are...seriously get a life

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