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Why are they called stoners?

From:  "Nick"

Why are people who smoke weed called stoners when smoking has nothing to do with stones??

TB responded to our question with this: 

The reference to "stoner" refers to an old english expression of "To make hard or indifferent". This alludes to people so stoked on drugs that there are indifferent to their surroundings.

pavolka simply answered with this: 

Because after they do their thing they look like a person who has been hit in the head with a few stones.

Keith figured out this: 

Stoners are people who get stoned.
stoned: shortening of stone-drunk
stone: adv. completely, utterly

Sarah helped out with this: 

"stoned" is kind of a slang word for being high, it happens to be the most poular one i guess so there are different variations on it, like any word. they call em "stoners" because they get
"stoned" alot.

C.H.U.D. shared his expert advise with this: 

Marijuana intoxication is commonly referred to as "getting stoned". A
stoner is a person who gets stoned a lot.

JRR883 responded with this: 

Because of the fact that the effect marijuana produces is called being stoned. Therefore stoner=one who gets stoned.

Mr. Obvious gave us this thought: 

Smokers are called "stoners" as an extension of the slang for being high: "stoned."

amrshalakani shared medical advice with us: 

that's because in old times..most drug like substances were hard in consistency ...ie) resembled a stone ......so who ever used them was called so.....another answer which i personally find very unrealistic is...that when someone does drugs..his brain functions goes bye bye....as if there was a stone there instead.

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