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Bumper stickers not on bumpers!

From:  "MorFeeN"

Bumper stickers are mostly placed on back windows so why were they ever called bumper stickers when it's obvious that a sticker on a bumper will rarely be seen?

Sarah gave us this to help out and be a team player: 

I have no life. so I'm answering another question. and I'm glad that you did rush out and buy the non crusty mustard lid.:P. anyway. its about the bumper sticker thing. the stickers were originally intended for your bumper. that's why their claled bumper stickers. and you can read them, if you try, you'd have to take your eyes off the road though. I have a bumper sticker on my car, and yes, its on the bumper. I think putting them in the window is stupid, it ruins your window. duh!

Keith Barnett sent us his views: 

actually when first produced they WERE intended and mostly used on bumpers. In the 70's most cars had HUGE CHROME bumpers perfect for the bumper stickers. Of course in today's day of plastic cars it really doesn't matter. So they get slapped in rear windows....

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