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Can they be detected?

From:  "rob davis"

can steroids be detected in a drug screen that a probation department would give you?

TB believes this: 

Not all drugs are tested on drug screens unless a history of past abuse is shown. Steroids are generally not tested except in athletes. Most test screen for opiates, marijuana and other abused narcotics. The more substances that are tested then the more the test cost. Most tests check for specific drugs or group of drugs.

somewhatdamaged rattled off this answer: 

that depends on what drug screen your probation officer gives you. Under some drug screens steroids are detectable. And most probation offices are quite thorough in there screens.

Edwin gave us this information: 

Yes, that test can tell if you have been taking steroids. As a matter of fact, you can tell if a person has been taking steroids just by looking at them. The doctor always knows if a patient has EVER taken steroids, but assigns the test just to give him false hope. Then, when the test turns out positive, he humors you to hear your silly explanations of how the test was wrong, "Well I ate a lot of beef; don't they feed steroids and stuff to the cows... I've been exercising a lot so my testosterone levels are high" etc. And then he smacks you in the face for being an idiot, and the cops come in and take you to jail, but not before beating you senseless with their nightsticks first. And then when you're in jail, you're going to be raped by your giant inmate every night, and all because you're a sick steroid-taking bastard. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT!!!??? IS THAT A GOOD ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION!!!!???? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

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