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How many stamps?

From:  "Jacki"

you have 3 times as many 14 cent stamps as you do 25 cent stamps Altogether you have 8 stamps. How many 25 cent letter can you mail?

eric glomstad was the first to try and solve this problem: 

The stamp question is a simple one. the equation is as follows x=the number of 14 cent stamps, y=the number of 25 cent stamps. x plus y =8 and since their are 3 times as many 14 cent stamps as 25 cent stamps, the second equation is 3y=x Using substitution, y+3y= 8, or y=2. Therefore, ther are 2 25cent stamps and 6 14 cent stamps. Now, two 25 cent letters can be sent with the two 25 cent stamps, but only two more can be sent with the 6 14 cent stamps since each of these letters must have three 14 cent stamps apiece. The final answer? FOUR letters may be sent!

Paul then argued Erics answer with this one:

You can mail 2 twenty-five cent letters. 2x3=6, 6+2=8.

Jen-nay out did them both with this:

I don't think you can mail any 25 cent letter since the current postage for a letter is 37 cents.

Webmistress Lauren: So what have we learned? well we haven't figured out how many stamps you can send however, it doesn't really matter since postage is 37 cents!

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