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Who are we?

From:  "me want to know"

who are all of you people really? and where do u find the time to answer and ask "stupid" questions?

i know all was the first to describe themselves: 

as to who am I, I am a high school student who is a total know-it-all (hence the name) I am planning on going to Yale Med. to work with DNA and at a HHT clinic. also I am a music nut (playing more then 10 different instruments) which helps me to come up with creative answers. I answer these "stupid" questions because I find them fun. as to when I answer these questions, I usually answer these questions at my lunch break

Jamalique responded with this: 

*sigh* They're on to me.
Well, I guess I should come clean.
I am a transvestite mongering homosexual rapist alien from outerspace. Since there aren't many job offers for transvestite mongering homosexual rapist aliens from outerspace (TMHRAO) then I spend much of my time answering stupid questions.
Either that...or....I'm a sweaty fat forty year old man who came across this site by talking to a TMHRAO. I guess we'll never know now shall we?

amrshalakanidr introduced himself: 

an Egyptian gynecologist doctor over here....i check stupidquestionsanswered.com every 3 or 4 days at the most for 15 min each time....i hope that satisfies u !

Lauren's sister Kimmi helped out with this: 

these people are my sisters boyfriends friends, he works with them too. in her spare time my sister, lauren, posts the questions and answers you all send in. sometimes shaun does too...but he kinda gave the job to her. everyone else answeres questions and blogs....thats who they are!!

Todd helped out with this: 

I am Todd... and it isn't very difficult finding 30 minutes to visit
SQA and answer questions. I find it amusing with the questions people ask and I
enjoy thining about an answer or sometimes researching it. But a better question would be were did you find the time to think up and ask this "stupid" question?????

ScraperGal summed it up with this idea: 

We are probably all Scapers ... i.e. Farscape fans who like to solve problems and tie up loose ends. This tendency is due to the fact that we were all severely traumatized when the hit series Farscape was prematurely cancelled by the Sci-Fi Channel in Septenber of 2002. Since the show ended on a terrible, unresolved cliff
hanger Scapers worlwide have made it their mission in life to solve riddles, end quandries and answer questions no matter how imbecile they may seem.

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