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How fast?

From:  "theMrEman"

how fast is the earth actually traveling through space around the sun? and how fast does the moon go around the earth and the tough one what is the moons average speed around the sun?

TB wrote us this: 

We are traveling at nearly 67,000 miles per hour (107823 kph) which takes approximately 365 and 1/4 days to complete.
It revolves around the Earth in an orbit 240,000 miles in radius every 27 days, at a speed of about 2,300 miles per hour (3700kph). Since the moon's speed is relative to the earth's, the moon is also traveling at the same speed as the earth around the sun. The elliptical patterns of the moon and earth are influenced by the other planets and the sun.

Todd added this: 

The Earth is moving around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour. At that speed it takes the Earth one year to go completely around the sun. The Moon takes the same amount of time to revolve around the Earth as it takes to rotate around its spin axis (one side of the moon always faces the Earth). The Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth once. Finally, the Moon orbits the sun at 67,000 mph (18.5 miles a second) which is the same amount of time the Earth orbits the sun. This is logical because the Moon is orbiting the Earth and the Earth is orbiting the sun.

Der Doktor helped out with this: 

You have to take an astronomy course or at least basic physics.
First you need to know the average radius of the Earth's orbit. Then you will have to decide what kind of units you want let's say: m/s, mph, or what?
Then consider the average time the Earth goes around the sun let's say 365 days average.
Use the Angular speed formulae: ? I don't remember it right now. But well I'll tell you the answer in another occasion...

Mr Obvious responded with this: 

Earth travels at some 108,000 kilometers per hour (30 kilometers per second). The moon moves around Earth at about 3701.5 kilometers per hour (a little more than a kilometer per second). The moon would have to travel the same speed as the Earth when revolving around the Sun - otherwise, they'd separate because one would overtake the other!

Ken summed it up with this: 

The velocity of the earth through space is relatively simple. Since the circumference of a circle is equal to 2 x pi x Radius. The average Radius is approximately 93 million miles. The circumference the earth travels in 1 year (365 days, 24 hours in 1 day) is approximately 584,335,740 miles. This works out to 66,705 Miles per hour. Give or take a couple hundred

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