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What is this song about?

From:  "Dave"

What is the Elton John song "Daniel" about?

TB was the first to respond with this: 

Daniel is the fictional story of a blinded Vietnam veteran who comes home after the war and everybody wants him to be a hero, but all he wants is to be left alone. So he takes off for Spain to get away from it all. The story is told from the point of view of his younger brother, who misses him and would like him to come back home. It's not a true story, just an account of what crippled Vietnam veterans had to go through when they came home from the war. It is inspired by news coverage of the war that Bernie (Elton's lyricist) watched in the early 70s.

David K faithfully helped out with this: 

It's about someone who fought in a war and lost his eyesight as a result.
part of the song lyrics:
"you're eyes have died, and you see more than I"
"eyes have died" refers to the blindness, "see more than I" obviously doesn't refer to the sense of sight, but refers more to "perceptions". I don't know for sure if Daniel is supposedly dead or just in a faraway place, causing the author to "miss him so much".

i know songs gave us this knowledge: 

you asked what Elton John's song "Daniel" is about. in the song it talks about how his brother Daniel is on a plane to spain. it goes on to say that he misses Daniel. this is what i can gather from only just reading his song from an internet sight. this song probly has a "hidden" meaning that you can get from hearing the song also you can look on different sights for more info about the song

Jax rattled off this answer:

have you ever listened beyond the 1st word of the song? More to the point, the first 3 words of the song.

Mr. Obvious finished with this: 

For the uninitiated, the lyrics for Daniel can be found here: Click here
As for the song's meaning: I'm going to guess that one of the narrator's close friends has gone off to Spain forever; it might also be that Daniel has died while in Spain.

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