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What color do the smurfs change?

From:  "firefly"

what color does a smurf tern when you choke it? and what color does a smurf feel when it is sad?

This is a very interesting question... we all know that Smurfs can't turn to blue when they are choked or sad because they are already blue so... lets see what we can find out....

Justincredble was the first to send us this thought: 

the "smurfs" I have turn a deep shade of purple when choked. The other little ones who felt very sad I'm sure didn't show any unusual color changes. An interesting fact also is that the inside of smurfs are blue, as well as their blood. They also don't seem to speak or understand English very well, hence the unfortunate choking experience. Hope this helps.

Todd thought up this idea: 

Probably a dark redish purple. But why would somebody want to choke a loveable smurf? Even better, why would a smurf not be happy??

khrysti believes this:

in all actuality when being choked it is more of a purple color. and as for being blue they feel down well even more down than a 2 inch blue human like rodent being chased by a crazy old dude can feel

TB faithfully helped out with this: 

If we assume that the smurfs have blue blood then they will have an white or whitish appearance when they are being choked.

amr shalakani gave us this professional outlook on things: 

they'd stay blue...because us humans appear blue when oxygen deprived cause our oxy-hemoglobin turns into deoxy-hemoglobin in our blood. That has a light brownish color. But cause the collagen in our vessel walls and in our skin...the colour appears to be as blue. Hence we can deduce that since the smerfs are already blue. their deoxy-hemoglobin wouldn't show through their skin...logic!

i know all responded with this: 

bcuz when a person is choked we turn blue i would say that a smerf turns human color (i would not say tan or brown beacouse humans range in a wide verity of colors and im sure that smerfs do also) when a smerf is sad i would say that s/he feels gray. in lit gray (like gray clouds) stands for sadness, so when something that is blue is gray it is sad

Michelle rattled off this idea: 

Purple when choked, and green when sad. Try it some time! :)

Bob gave us this: 

Reddish or purple when choked. And the idiom "I'm feeling blue," isn't used (except as a joke!). They can say "I'm feeling down," or even easier, "I'm feeling sad."

smerf friend has this idea: 

a smerf feels pink when it is sad and it turns brown when you choke it

JRR883 gave us his opinion: 

One would think indigo because it is next on the electromagnetic spectrum, but as Smurf's are fictional creatures and therefore unable to run experiments on, nobody shall ever know.

stix concluded with this: 

Smurfs turn magenta when they are choked...they also flail their little arms and legs wildly and make some weird whistling noise as you cut off their air supply. And, since smurfs are never sad, they don't turn any color to express this emotion...however, cowardly smurfs are still referred to as "yella"

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