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Rhymes with Silver...

From:  "luvlee Ana"

Years ago my father asked me this question and I am still unable to answer it. I need a word that rhymes with "silver" and it has to have the "ilver" in the word. Thanx

Todd helped us out with this:

I don't think there is anything that rhymes with silver. There is nothing that rhymes with orange either.

Jakolan sent us this answer and also something else to ponder: 

Sorry, nothing rhymes with silver, but about 3000 new words have been added to the english language lately in a recently updated version of I believe, 'Webster's Dictionary', so keep trying. If my father had asked me that, I would have thrown the ball back and asked him, "What rhymes with orange? What rhymes with purple? And hey, why is it that colors are the words that don't rhyme. Is that symbolic of racism Dad? Do you think humans subconsciously do these things to themselves making it harder and harder to evolve? Thus driving him nuts, making him forget his original question, and letting him be the one who wastes the next twenty years wondering what rhymes with silver.
PS  Just found the site. It's cool.

Nick agreed with Todd and wrote this: 

there is no word that rhymes with silver. there are only like 4 words or something like that in the english language that dont have anything to rhyme with them. they're like silver, orange, purple, and month i think.

BRose did a bit of research and came up with this: 

In response to "what rhymes with silver", there is no word. The closest is "pilfer".

tb wrote us this and sent us a website: 

there is no word that rhymes with silver in the English language. Orange is another word that has no complement word to it.

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Jen-Jn gave the question a shot: 

Quicksilver is only word that rhymes with silver. Qicksilver is the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures. Also a name brand for clothes.

Paul sent us this piece of information: 

Although there are numerous words that rhyme with "silver," there are no currently accepted English words that rhyme with silver that end in "ilver." But you could probably say the same thing about "construction" and "onstruction." Last I heard, the only word in the English language that does not have a rhyming partner is "orange."

Jerry added his views: 

I have an answer to the question is there any words that rhyme with silver , after not so long a search found one site that said there was a word called Kilver meaning a Surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S. ), looked a couple other places never found the word again , not sure if its a real word but hope it answered your question .

Colleen mumbled something along the lines of this: 

No word in the English language rhymes with silver, month, orange, or purple.

n00b summed up the conversation with this: 

The only words in the English language to rhyme with silver are derivatives thereof, such as "germansilver," "nickelsilver," "quicksilver," and "resilver."
The same goes for orange and purple.

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