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Driving without shoes?

From:  Mildred E. Buckingham"

I heard that driving without shoes is illegal but then I also heard that it isn't. my question is is it illegal or not?

*Lauren* A fellow member of the driving society that enjoys driving without shoes was relieved to hear these responses:

dragonawe responded with this: 

The answer to the question "Is driving without shoes illegal?"...It all depends on what state you live in. I live in Indiana and I dated a state cop for awhile and I posed the question to him. He informed me that some states may still have an "old law in their books" that does make driving barefoot illegal. He informed me that Indiana does not have a law that makes it illegal, but also said there are some states that still have the "old law'.

The Doog sent us this website with an answer:

Ze answer Click Here

Mark Wienants concluded with his thoughts: 

I have checked and rechecked this one, across many state laws. I have determined that it is NOT illegal to drive without shoes. However, since there are plenty of "vague" driving laws (e.g., failure to use due care in operation of a motor vehicle) I wouldn't be surprised to see someone ticketed with that charge for said offense.

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