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What are the 3 shells?

From:  "Dave"

In the movie, The Demolition Man, what are the three sea shells in the bathroom used for, in place of the toilet paper?

Well personally not have seen this movie has made it very hard to recognize the truth to the matter and has given Shaun something else to pick at me for... but there are the answers I got:

Edwin:  In the movie they were implying that in the future they some sort of 3-sea-shell technology to clean their butts and not toilet paper - and by 3-sea-shells technology I mean whatever it is that cleans their butts, but the 3 sea shells are the buttons or whatever to control it. ----- It doesn't really matter that we don't know exactly how the 3 sea shells work, the joke still works.

TB:  It is an "advanced" version of a bidet. One to wash your backside, one to air dry and the third to apply a perfume or deodorizer so that the "perfect" society won't stink. The sea shells are cosmetic. In a "perfect" society, there can be no ugliness. The shells cover / hide the function of it. Quite a few people in the United States are not familiar with a bidet.

brad:  the three sea shells are used as but fountain that are used to clean the rectum with water instead of toilet paper

Casey:  I don't think that we would really want to find out what the 3 shells are used for in The Demolition Man. The answer could be scary....let's just leave it at that...a mystery.

Patrick:  In regards to the question about the three shells in demolition man. The three shells were used instead of toilet paper.

stupid:  The three shells in the movie "demolition man" are used for scooping shit out of ones ass. Each shell scoops different degrees of sh*t or different types of shit.

So in conclusion I'm going to assume that it has something to do with toilet paper. However, I'm probally wrong so assume what you wish.

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