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Why so much reginition?

From:  "scouts"

why is the boy scout eagle award given so much fuss when the girl scout gold award is not even know by many people? i mean the gold award is the same level as the eagle. do people just like boys better?

Conchita estela (Lauren's sister Kimmi) responded with this: 

I'm not sure if this is right but if I'm not mistaken the boys were first to have scouts...so maybe girl scouts is just more uncommon for people to know the awards...i dunno...ask lauren...she was a girl scout

Todd helped out here: 

Sadly, yes people do "like" boys better. For many years people have been
sexist toward females. Women's rights were not given until early 1900s. Women
still do not have all the rights they should these days. This most likely carries over to Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. Boys Scouts are more famous for being honorable and such (like the popular "scouts honor") Girl Scouts are famous for selling delicious cookies. Not much more sadly. Both genders will never be totally equal and the problem with the scout awards shows.

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