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Scooby's family secrets exposed


Background: Wow this one is really gonna be tough (The e-mail questions seem to get tougher with each passing question hehe)...hopefully we can find some Scooby historians out there

From: Victor *Last Name Trashed [mailto:*Email addy removed*]
Sent: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 2:03 PM
Subject: I have a stupid question!

What's the lineage of Scooby Doo? At first, this may seem like a_really_
stupid question, but think on this: Scooby Doo and his cousin Scooby Dum
aredogs that can mostly talk, and usually go around on all fours. Both can
easily stand and hold objects, but don't do it for long.
Enter Scrappy Doo, Scooby's nephew, who walks upright all the time, and
talks in perfect english. How'd they get this?

After watching one too many episodes of Blue's Clues, I think I have the
answer. Blue is a pernicious little dog with a sparkling wit and minimal
ability to make herself understood. Steve is a hippie with such a lack
of intellect that he's stymied by clues that 4 and 5 year olds can figure
out. Add a little too much happy weed one night, and suddenly Steve wakes up
next to Blue... a few months later, little Scooby is born! The drugged out
Steve befriends his... pup, and changes his name to avoid incrimination!
Shaggy... Stevie... you see where we're going?

The truth is often not a pretty sight.


After watching a Scooby marathon we got to thinking there might be something to this question.  Although the answer will probably upset the fabric of space time and might undo creation but hey the truth can hurt sometimes (even if the pain is because your molecules are being sucked into nothingness).

So heres what we've come up with:


Shortee was the first to send us this:


This is regarded to the question about Scooby Doo. If you think about it, they are all hippies in the 70's. So, naturally they do what all hippies do. Smoke weed. So they all smoked so much and was always high, especially Shaggy. That's how they can hear a dog talk to them. This also explains why they always see ghosts and always have the "munchies". Also, if you've seen the movie, you see that Shaggy's newfound girlfriend is named Mary Jane. Mary Jane!


Alex confirmed Shortee's thoughts:


Scooby Do's abilities all come from Shaggy - Scooby and scrappy are both normal dogs that cannot talk or stand etc. Shaggy however the eternal hippy in constantly off his face on LSD and weed etc. We the viewer only see scooby and scrappy through shaggy's eyes and since shaggy is trippin' scooby appears to be able to talk

Notice how none of the other characters ever respond to anything scooby says!


Webmistress Lauren: So heres what we've learned folks, drugs are bad... if you do drugs they're going to make you hear and see some weird shit.

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