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Is God a good role model?

From:  "Rich"

"Is God a good role model?"
God is evident nowhere, much suffering and injustice are present in this world, and "God", if (it) even exists, does nothing. Why therefore should we devote time to God? Please enlighten me with proven facts, anyone who knows...

Jackson Callans came up with this come back.... watch out guys!

For the God is a role model question i have answers .... *first of all.. God
is evident... Look around... how do you think the stars were put in place..
how do you think the waves crash down... First of all.. dont even say a big bang
and a ball of energy created all this cuz thats bull crap... A ball of energy
couldnt explode and everything couldnt possibly put in place so perfectly..
one if the earth moved slightly 1 inch out of place it would get thrown off
track and we all would die... if it was one inch closer to the sun we wuold burn
up and die and our also our automosphere is created perfectly for us to
live... also... Everything has to have a creator so somethin had to create that ball
of energy that blew up in the big bang... wasnt me.. wasnt you.. only thing
that could have created that is "GOD" and as for your comment about God not
doing anything for us.. he does everything.. he answers your prayers.. he gives
you free will to live how you want.. but asks you to live for him and be a
light to the world ... he did one of the most awesomest things anyone could have
ever done for you and that is he sent his son Jesus Christ to earth to Die for
each and everyone of us so we can live in freedom and happyness... would you
die so your loved ones can be happy? you might say yes.. but if someone put a
gun to your head would you let them shoot you? anyways.. in conclusion.. God is
the best role model you can have...THE END... by the way you guys who own
this site rock...Later dayz and godbless

MorFeeN then decided to add a little more to the fire:

I don't recall reading anything in the old testament about God wanting us to be like him (him, her, himer, whatever.) He wanted us to do things but didn't ever say "Strive to become like me". The last one to ever attempt that was Satan. However we are encouraged to be like Jesus. So there he solved our problem. I think seeing God as a person is kind of limiting him. "The One who Is" is an old and good description.

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I have a feeling that those who ask such a question is either after a debate or a string of messages insulting God.

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