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The Mr. Rogers trolley car scandal

Background:  While watching the unbeatably cool Mr. Rogers Neighborhood we watched in awe and wonder as Mr. Rogers actually went into his kitchen and started playing with models of Make Believe land instead of using the oh so cute ringing trolley car.  After waking up from the obvious stupor all that thought caused, we decided to investigate

Info:  After calling a few people associated with the show we were turned to an all-knowing Mr. Rogers historian.  When the conversation ended we were astounded to find out why he had been playing with the models and also why it had only shown up in 5 episodes.  It seems that the makers wanted to show children that they had to pretend to go into Make Believe land as not to rely on the trolley to take them there because as we all know the point of Make Believe land is to well...make believe you are actually there.  This however was stopped when they found out that the children would much rather watch the little trolley going into the tunnel than a little model (well wouldn't you too?!?).


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